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Already making waves as one of the world’s biggest solutions for collaboration and a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS, Microsoft Teams is now making its way into the contact centre.

Perfectly suited for aligning teams in a hybrid environment, Teams represents a powerful tool for the contact centre of tomorrow. Increasingly, companies recognise the need for a collaborative central space for their CX agents, which is what Teams can offer. 

Thanks to the flexibility of the Microsoft environment, companies can build their entire UCaaS and CCaaS environment into one cloud-based ecosystem with the help of the right vendor. As the rapid adoption of the cloud for all kinds of business processes continues, the demand for contact centre and analytics tools in Teams will also increase.  

The Trends Driving Contact Centre and Analytics in 2022

Microsoft Teams has rapidly emerged as the central “hub” for anywhere work in the last couple of years. Capable of combining teams and integrating with a range of essential tools, the environment ensures employees can stay engaged and productive wherever they are.  

Because Microsoft doesn’t have the heritage and experience most companies are looking for in the contact centre, the company allows teams to create a contact centre through Teams with a “Teams certified” vendor. It’s even possible to build intelligent analytics and extra CX tools into the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. Trends influencing the contact centre and analytics environment in Teams this year include: 

  • Teams certification: The popularity of Teams represents a fantastic opportunity for CX leaders to take their strategy to the next level with Teams. Many vendors are now earning Teams certification for everything from customer analytics tools to complete omnichannel contact centre environments.  
  • Agent experience: The increasing demand for great employee experiences makes a Microsoft Teams contact centre so compelling. By building the contact centre on top of the collaboration tools your employees already use, you can provide them with a more convenient environment for getting work done. Microsoft Teams contact centres also pave the way to access features like Viva for tracking employee engagement.  
  • Hybrid teams: Rising demands for hybrid team environments are transforming tools like Microsoft Teams into the new work hub. With a contact centre environment built into the Teams landscape, companies can ensure their employees remain aligned, informed, and empowered.  

Contact Centre and Analytics: Looking Ahead

As companies continue their shift to the cloud and workplaces become more distributed, Microsoft Teams contact centres and analytical tools will become increasingly valuable. The perfect solution for combining UCaaS and CCaaS in many business environments, a Microsoft Teams contact centre, can lead to a more collaborative CX team. 

At the same time, access to in-depth analytics built into the contact centre and UCaaS environment allows for better end-to-end insights to empower better customer and employee experience. 

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