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Meetings are essential to running a successful business, no matter the industry.

This is particularly true as we approach a new “future of work”. With team members now operating from a multitude of different environments (remote, in the field, and behind the desk), meetings are the key to keeping everyone on the same page.

Room kit technology, designed to provide a plug-and-play solution for meaningful meetings, is a powerful enabler in this new landscape. Unlike old-fashioned AV solutions, room kit systems are convenient, scalable, and easy-to-use offerings, intended to bring hybrid staff together fast.

The Trends Shaping Room Kits in 2022

As the age of hybrid work begins in earnest in 2022, and portions of the workforce return to the office, room kits are becoming an essential investment for ensuring the continued synergy between home and in-office staff. These tools make it easier for companies to set up and enable meetings as quickly as possible, for more consistent collaboration between teams.

With comprehensive room kit environments, companies can easily align staff members wherever they are, without having to rely on IT professionals to get hardware and software up and running. Many room kits even allow companies to connect their preferred collaboration software today, with “Bring your own Meeting” innovations. Trends driving the room kit space include:

  • Creating meeting equality: As hybrid work continues to thrive, a major focus for many businesses is ensuring no team member feels like a “second hand citizen”. Every employee in a conversation should feel like they have a seat at the table. Tools like eye-tracking cameras to help improve eye contact, and screens designed to improve the link between home and office workers are helping to create this balance.
  • Meeting room intelligence: Increasingly, the number of AI enhancements available for the meeting room is growing. Today, companies can access everything from virtual assistants capable of starting a meeting with nothing but a voice command. AI cameras can be created to allow team members control over software with gestures and contactless movements. Sensors and intelligent tools can even track things like temperature in a meeting room, to ensure a post-pandemic environment remains safe.
  • Immersive meetings: As we continue to look for better ways of bringing employees together in a hybrid environment, immersive technology is becoming increasingly appealing. XR technology like virtual and augmented reality tools can help to bring teams together like never before, to work on digital twins of products, or share ideas in real time.

Room Kits Tomorrow: Looking Ahead

There’s no denying meetings will continue to play an important role in the way businesses are managed and run in the years ahead. In this environment, simple, accessible, and easy-to-manage room kits with a host of advanced features will be crucial to success.

Moving into the future however, there’s a good chance we’ll see Room Kits featuring even more impressive tools, from contactless gesture-controlled meeting software, to AI sensors and smart assistants, and even mixed reality holograms to bring context to conversations.

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