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Headsets represent one of the most important investments for the average employee leveraging Microsoft Teams today.

For employees in the office, on the move, or working remotely, the right headset, designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams software, can be crucial to enabling higher levels of productivity and performance.

Like the headset market in general, the market for Microsoft Teams certified headsets is growing at an incredible pace, driven by a demand for more comfortable, flexible, and reliable hardware in the new work environment.

The Trends Shaping Teams Headsets in 2022

Microsoft Teams headsets provide business users with all of the benefits of modern UC headsets, alongside the added benefit of Microsoft Teams specific integration. Though Microsoft has its own headset offering in the form of the “Modern” headset for Teams, the company also provides business users with a wide selection of additional hardware options to choose from.

Microsoft’s partnerships with other leading AV companies ensures there are no shortage of innovative certified for Teams tools available on the market, ranging from noise-cancelling headphones to modern earbuds. Some of the most significant trends shaping Microsoft Teams headsets as we head into 2020 include:

  • Personalisation: Increasingly, employees in a hybrid work environment are looking for opportunities to personalise and customise their technology for the business landscape. Because of this, Microsoft partner vendors are offering a wide range of headsets to suit different needs, including wired earphones, wireless earbuds, and intelligent over-ear solutions with noise-cancelling baked in.
  • Intelligent features: Designed to help employees stay focused on their Teams meetings and conversations, many of the top headsets in this environment come with intelligence baked in. Users can access things like Microsoft Cortana, for voice assistant support when they want to load up a meeting or complete an action without lifting a finger. The same AI tools can even help to clean and enhance the quality of a user’s voice during a conversation.
  • Comfort and employee experience: Now employees are working more consistently from anywhere, they expect access to headsets which can transition with them between work and personal life. Comfortable headsets with enterprise-level functionality are becoming more popular. We’re also seeing a rise of active and passive noise cancellation technologies, intended to block out external distractions and minimise workplace headaches.

Teams Headsets Tomorrow: Looking Ahead

Thanks to Microsoft’s wide selection of certified partners, there are plenty of high-quality Microsoft Teams headsets available to choose from today. From simple headsets specially-made to support the hybrid contact centre worker engaging in customer conversations, to noise-cancelling headsets for improved focus, there’s something for everything.

With access to specialist features like Microsoft Teams buttons, Cortana meeting assistant functionality, and other intelligent capabilities, companies can leverage Microsoft Teams headsets to make their teams more efficient, and productive.

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