‘Out Loud’ on SD-WAN with Atchison Frazer of Talari Networks

Listen in to when we spoke to Atchison Frazer about SD-WAN and Talari Networks’ unique proposition

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Atchison Frazer
Atchison Frazer, Talari Networks

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson is joined by Atchison Frazer.

In this pod Atchison takes us through an introduction to SD-WAN and the main issues that it will overcome within customer networks. We explore some of the main benefits such as reliability, enablement and optimisation which make Talari so popular within critical emergency service providers.

We also discuss some of the future changes that Atchison expects to see in the market and the other drivers for businesses to rethink their network design.

Also Atchison explains how Talari’s proposition differs from that of their competition and provides a competitive edge for them as they provide a solution to customer’s that isn’t available elsewhere.

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