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Akixi Review: Hosted Analytics for Businesses Great and Small

Akixi Lite, 1000, & 2000 hosted analytics product review

On its website homepage, Akixi has a slogan which neatly sums up the raison d’etre of all call analytics vendors – “if you want to manage it, measure it.”

It is typical of Akixi’s ability to cut through to the heart of what call management and reporting means to the end user. Founded in Crawley, West Sussex in 2008, Akixi remains a relatively small player in the call analytics market. However, its highly scalable brand of hosted reporting services has not gone unnoticed, earning industry awards for innovation in cloud technology and for the quality of its call management solutions.

Akixi Desktop Wallboard
The Akixi Desktop Wallboard allows users to view Hunt Groups, ACD lists and more.

With three subscription reporting services available, plus its own customisable wallboard technology, Akixi has secured more than 2,000 customers across Europe, USA, the Caribbean, South Africa and Mexico. The many organisations it serves include, but are not limited to, those within the property, travel and leisure sectors, as well as human rights organisations! Also, the company was the first UK hosted cloud provider to offer call reporting services for both VoIP and PBX.

In this review, we’ll take a look at what has earned Akixi this loyal following along with the industry accolades. We will have a run through all of its products, asking how well it delivers on its claim to being suitable for businesses of 2 to 10,000, and what level of call management and reporting it can deliver.

Please note as usual, UC Today does not endorse, market or have any role in the sale of any product. Our reviews are entirely independent and aimed at helping our readers make informed choices with their UC product purchases.

What Can It Do?

Akixi delivers hosted call management and reporting services, which means that clients do not have to purchase or install any expensive analytics software onto their own systems. Instead, the reporting platforms are all accessed via the cloud – users simply have to sign up and get a log in to the service.

Unreturned Lost Calls
The very useful ‘Unreturned Lost Calls’ report

Akixi distributes its platforms through resellers and service providers, even supplying branded websites to providers for the purpose. Subscription is on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ monthly basis, helping costs for the end user remain transparent. This straightforward subscription model also allows Akixi services to be so scalable – customers can just keep adding as many new users to the account as they want; a quick call or email to the supplying Akixi reseller is all it takes. There is also no issue if a business operates from a number of different offices, as Akixi can configure multi-site reporting and deliver a single, unified overview of performance.

Akixi’s three subscription packages are scaled according to the features included. It starts off with Akixi Lite, a basic call logging service which offers historical call lists, cradle-to-grave call reporting and trend analysis. Subscribers can set their own schedule for reports and fix the intervals for analysis, from monthly overviews down to the half hour.

Akixi 1000 offers a more in-depth range of features, including real-time management and reporting. A Busy Lamp Field view allows colleagues to see each other’s call status for transferring call internally, while real time analytics, call control and alarms helps supervisors manage agent availability in response to traffic flow. In addition, there is a lost call recovery tool. Reporting can be broken down in greater depth than the Lite package offers, with the ability to analyse by extension, DDI, trunk and unreturned lost calls.

Pie Chart Akixi
Akixi provides clear analytics data

Akixi 2000 is the most comprehensive package available, adding monitoring of automatic call distribution (ACD) to the features available in Akixi 1000. It also provides management and analysis of Hunts Groups, multiple call queues and allows supervisors to monitor agents’ availability and time on duty.

The Akixi 1000 and 2000 services also come with access to a Desktop Wallboard, which can be customised to display the key real-time data most relevant to the company. The wallboard can be displayed on every agent’s dashboard, and uses the standard coloured tile design and layout. Each tile can be individually configured for how data is displayed, and how regularly it is updated, along with an alarm triggered when a certain service level benchmark is reached.

What do we like?

There is a very welcome air of simplicity and common sense about Akixi’s products. This is partly down to clever packaging – the tiered subscription plans are very easy to follow, and you get a clear idea about what each level offers just by scanning the feature comparisons on the company website. But it also follows through to usability. As a hosted cloud service, deployment is as straightforward as it gets, there is no hardware to setup or software to install, and the Akixi service team are always a call away to resolve any difficulties.


Who is it for?

Scalability is one of the big USPs Akixi push, and they do their best to offer something for everyone. Akixi Lite offers call reporting at its most basic, and as such provides an affordable service to smaller companies who want to be able, for example, to get a sense of call patterns and peak times for traffic flow. Akixi 2000 on the other hand, with its support for ACD, is suitable for large call centres where in-play call management and the ability to monitor agents’ performance and availability is required.

What is it compatible with?

As with Akixi’s entire portfolio, all of the reviewed products are compatible with Broadsoft, Siemens and Panasonic call platforms.

UC Today Opinion

As useful as call analytics are, at times they can appear worryingly complex to the lay person – we are talking advanced data processing and statistical modelling software here, after all. Akixi does something many people in business will no doubt appreciate – they take the complexity away.

Call management and reporting offers enormous benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes, allowing them to improve resourcing, efficiency and service in their communications. By offering customers the chance to choose one of three easy to digest service packages, sign up online and have the system configured for you, few call analytics products can be as accessible as those Akixi offers.

For more details on the full Akixi cloud product suite, for pricing or just to talk to someone about how they can help YOUR business, pay a visit to

Are you an Akixi customer, reseller or service provider? What are your thoughts on the company’s hosted cloud service approach to call analytics? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, and share this article with friends and colleagues on social media.


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Assessible call recording solution for general business use.

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