Contact Centre Reviews

  • Evolving Your CX Strategy with Nice Omni-Channel Analytics

    Evolving Your CX Strategy with NICE Nexidia Analytics

    Buried amongst the thousands of customer interactions that pass through each contact centre on a daily basis is a pool of valuable information that can be used to deliver the perfect customer experience. More

  • NICE Workforce Optimisation Review

    NICE Workforce Optimisation Review: Empowering Employees

    NICE have developed a series of Workforce Optimisation tools that agents can utilise to gain greater insight into their overall performance within the contact centre environment, and what they must do to become more successful in their career. More

  • NICE InContact CXone - Making Every Experience Count

    NICE InContact CXone: Making Every Experience Count

    An open cloud contact centre platform that combines market-leading omnichannel routing with highly advanced WFO, analytics, automation & AI, NICE inContact CXone seems to offer the perfect solution. More

  • InGenius Salesforce CRM Telephone Integration

    InGenius Salesforce CRM Telephone Integration

    It’s unsurprising how many businesses choose Salesforce to improve their CX – and with InGenius telephony integration for the Salesforce CRM, this goal can be achieved better than ever before. More

  • InGenius Connector Enterprise Review

    An Inside Look at InGenius Connector Enterprise

    As a CTI software vendor, InGenius offers an effective communications solution that is used to link CRM software to business telephone systems from industry leading brands. More

  • Virsae Takes CX to a Whole New Level

    Virsae Takes CX to a Whole New Level

    When you take into account that, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, it’s clear to see how important it is for businesses to get it right. More

  • Cisco Contact Centre Solutions

    Cisco Review: The Power of Choice for Every Contact Centre

    The contact centre is the crucible which fires relationships with customers. And in an age when businesses selling much the same products at much the same prices now compete fiercely on customer service, the ability to forge positive, strong bonds with customers has a direct relationship with profit and growth. More

  • Avaya Oceana Contact Centre

    Avaya Oceana Review: Putting Customer Experience at the Heart of DX

    Rapid changes in technology have left many businesses in a state of flux when it comes to their IT infrastructure. So common is this experience that it has even gained its own name – Digital Transformation (DX). Digital transformation describes the transition companies go through when adopting any of the technologies associated with fourth generation […] More

  • BroadSoft CC-One

    BroadSoft CC-One Review: Predictive Power in an Omni-Channel Solution

    According to BroadSoft, delivering the kind of service in the contact centre that keeps customers coming back depends on three things – effective management of agent performance, analytics and effective, efficient collaboration between front-line agents and backroom staff. More

  • Akixi featured

    5 Good Reasons to Choose Akixi

    Akixi, established in 2008, is an award-winning provider of hosted call reporting services. It was the first company in the UK to offer cloud-based analytics for both VoIP and PBX phone systems. More

  • Enghouse Interactive

    About Enghouse Interactive

    Enghouse Interactive boast over twenty-five years of experience building solutions designed to impress their partners and clients, allowing organisations to leverage the most out of contact centre solutions. More

  • Voiceflex Cloud Call Recording

    Voiceflex Cloud Call Recording Review

    Voiceflex are giving their resellers an opportunity to upgrade compliance, security, staff training, and quality monitoring with their own cloud based SIP trunk call recording solution. More

  • Tollring iCS Insight

    Tollring iCS Insight Review: Feature-Rich Insights

    Tollring’s new iCall iCS Insight service can be deployed as part of the iCall suite, either as a hybrid, on-premises, or cloud-based model. This intuitive application focuses on delivering essential wallboards and dashboards to clients. More

  • NEC Analytics

    NEC Review – Covering All Bases For Call Management and Analytics

    There’s an old saying about there being more than one way to skin a cat – not, when you stop to think about it, the most pleasant of images. Nonetheless, it is a phrase which seems apt for NEC’s MyCalls analytics suite. Although I’m assuming there is no direct equivalent in the company’s native Japanese, […] More

  • MiVoice Office Call Reporter 5.0

    MiVoice Office Call Reporter 5.0 Review

    MiVoice Office Call Reporter 5.0 is the long-awaited upgrade to the popular MiContact Centre Office call reporting suite. Read the full UC Today review here. More

  • Mitel MiContact Centre Campaign Manager

    MiContact Center Campaign Manager Review

    MiContact Centre Campaign Manager lets organisations take control of their outbound calls. Outbound calling is a tough job, Mitel just made it easier. More

  • MiVoice Office Call Recorder

    MiVoice Office Call Recorder 5.0 Review

    MiVoice Office Call Recorder 5.0 review – new Call recording solution specifically for MiVoice Office 250 phone systems. Part of the latest MiVoice Office application Suite, offering extension-side only recording. – Mitel Call Recording More

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