InGenius Salesforce CRM Telephone Integration

Maximising potential and boosting CX with InGenius CTI

As the world’s number one cloud-based CRM, it’s unsurprising how many businesses choose Salesforce to improve their customer experience – and with InGenius telephony integration for the Salesforce CRM, this goal can be achieved better than ever before.

InGenius Salesforce CRM Telephone Integration
InGenius seamlessly integrates into the Salesforce CRM platform.

Since the early days of Salesforce’s Open CTI specification, InGenius has worked in close partnership with the brand to develop an industry-leading CTI solution that been tested and finely tuned to deliver effective results every time.

With this in mind, it’s hard to imagine how any other CTI solution can come close to increasing productivity within Salesforce-driven contact centre environments – but what exactly does it offer?

How does it look?

Subtle yet effective, InGenius seamlessly integrates into the Salesforce window via a small user interface that gives instant access to a number of features including caller info, various call controls and call notes.

What can it do?

Working with both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning, InGenius provides deep Salesforce integration that gives users an unobstructed view of customer information and innovative call controls directly from their CRM window, allowing them to work more efficiently and maximise CX on a number of levels.

With a click-to-dial feature, agents can quickly initiate calls at the tap of a finger by simply clicking on the number listed on their screen for a much more efficient dialling process that ensures minimal time is wasted manually entering numbers into the dial pad.

Moreover, with InGenius for Salesforce screen pop feature, all caller information including notes from previous interactions and personal information stored inside the CRM is given to the agent as soon as they receive an incoming call.

Adding to this, the automated call logging feature can maximise the value of Salesforce by ensuring that all information is added to the customer’s account automatically, thus saving the agent’s time and removing the risk of errors made by agents when manually entering the information.

InGenius CTI Software - CRM Integration

Furthermore, with the CRM screen transfer feature, agents can hand over calls much more rapidly, enabling the next agent in line to quickly familiarise themselves with the customer’s issues and take over the call without forcing the customer to wait for them to catch up.

What’s more, InGenius for Salesforce also stores accurate, consistent call data directly within the CRM to enhance call management reporting on call data and agent performance metrics, enabling contact centre managers to make intelligent, strategic decisions about their operations.

Requiring no desktop installation, InGenius for Salesforce can be deployed and upgraded within an hour and will easily integrate with custom objects directly out of the box, meaning that agents can seamlessly relate calls to existing Salesforce records or make new ones at the drop of a hat.

Being compatible with some of the market’s leading phone system providers such as Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco and Mitel, InGenius is a highly flexible CTI solution that can ensure all Salesforce users can get the most from their CRM system and perform at an elevated level on a constant basis.

From a security perspective, InGenius is hosted within a business’s firewall and all recorded data is stored within Salesforce itself rather than third party servers to ensure all customer details and private information are kept safe from prying eyes.

What do we like most?

As powerful as the features are, what impressed us most about InGenius was how effortlessly it connects with Salesforce with a discreet interface that genuinely feels like part of the CRM programme itself.

Who is it for?

InGenius is for any business that would like to integrate their Salesforce CRM with their phone system for greater staff productivity and improved customer experience. It’s ideal for sales teams, customer service, help desks and more.

UC Today Opinion

As an application that is easy to use, quick to install and simple to configure, InGenius for Salesforce is a great CTI solution for any company looking to maximise their CX and help drive up the productivity rates of their employees.

While there are other CTI solutions out there, the fact that they share such a strong relationship with Salesforce in building industry leading telephony integration solutions proves that InGenius are a cut above their competitors.

InGenius CTI Software - CRM Integration
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Fits seamlessly within the Salesforce platform to help agents deliver fast, valued service to their customers.


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