Virsae Takes CX to a Whole New Level

A look at how VSM can help improve customer experience

When you take into account that, by 2020, customer experience (CX) will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, it’s clear to see how important it is for businesses to get it right as soon as possible and do all they can to ensure their customer’s expectations are met.

Virsae Takes CX to a Whole New Level body
Virsae VSM gives service teams all the tools they need to drastically improve CX.

However, keeping contact centre applications running constantly and monitoring their performance around the clock for faults without spending a fortune on a team of highly trained technicians is nigh on impossible for the vast majority of businesses – until now!

With Virsae Service Management for CX, service managers are given a valuable tool that will monitor, diagnose and manage all of the cloud applications critical to customer experience and enable them to quickly resolve any issues that occur before they do any damage to the brand’s reputation.

What can it do?

Identifying moving parts within a contact centre was always a hassle, but by simplifying complex call flow information into user-friendly vector diagram visuals, VSM allows service managers to quickly recognise any flaws in call flow logic and offers quick remedies to any problems they encounter.

Managing system capacity and ensuring capacity overloads are avoided is another key benefit of VSM. For example, VSM tracks the real-time capacity of announcements resources to ensure that customers waiting in queues always receive a message. Doing so avoids the customers’ perception they have ended up in a black hole, and the inevitable consequence of them hanging up and ringing the competition.

Moreover, by carrying out regular reports on system health, performance and vital status, VSM gives clear insight into the performance of every area of the contact centre applications, infrastructure including backups, switch links and active users.

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With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline getting closer, businesses are under more pressure than ever to ensure that their call recording systems are operating at peak performance. Fortunately, with VSM, service managers can rest assured that their call recordings are always at hand and will be notified via an alarm if ever there is a fault or if any of the calls on their network aren’t being recorded.

Computer Telephony Integration is key for providing fast, reliable service to the customer and, with VSM, service mangers are able to easily manage their CTI resources to ensure the applications run smoothly during every call. As well as giving live displays of CTI server performance, VSM also enables contact centres to synchronise CTI applications with the telephony state and eliminate busy or fault situations caused by excessive CTI traffic.

Lastly, by monitoring mission-critical applications, VSM provides a live picture of server performance and faults to ensure that when a database query fails to return data or is slow to respond, administrators are informed immediately so they can resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Who is it for?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, VSM is the perfect tool for service managers responsible for ensuring that all communications applications within a busy contact centre environment run without fault and can be easily accessed by the customer.

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By giving service managers greater control over the contact centre network and allowing them to monitor application performance across the board from a single portal, VSM removes the complexities of contact centre management and enables businesses to achieve better results in much less time.

As well as improving the reputation of the business as a whole and ensuring that the demands of customers are met with consistency, VSM can also drastically cuts down maintenance costs by removing the need for technical teams and allowing just one service manager to run an entire contact centre network independently.

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Virsae VSM ensures service quality never drops and provides us with all the tools and information we need to keep our customers happy.

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