Talkdesk Contact Centre Review: Your AI Contact Centre

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Talkdesk Contact Centre Review: Your AI Contact Centre

As customer experience continues to stand out as the most crucial differentiator for any business, it’s crucial to design and implement the right contact centre. The CC environment isn’t just a place where organisations accept and make calls anymore. It’s the beating heart of your customer experience strategy and the tool that you can use to outshine the competition.

Now that consumers expect more than ever from their conversations with brands, it’s essential to have a solution that’s innovative, agile, and immersive. Fortunately, Talkdesk’s cloud-based contact centre is here to help, with an incredibly scalable and flexible environment to suit any business.

Talkdesk Contact Centre: Features

Named a “Visionary” in the CCaaS Gartner Magic Quadrant for North America in 2018, Talkdesk’s cloud contact centre solution is a platform that allows businesses quickly and easily adapt according to the changing needs of their customers. This leads to higher productivity, greater customer experience, and enhanced cost savings overall.

The Talkdesk cloud contact centre offers businesses of all sizes the option to upgrade and enhance their interactions with everything from advanced speech analytics, to self-service solutions, artificial intelligence, and omni-channel communications. Some of the key features of the platform are:

  • A completely flexible cloud-native architecture
  • 100% uptime SLA for peace of mind
  • Global scalability to suit any company
  • ACD/IVR connectivity
  • Intelligent routing
  • CTI support
  • Omni-channel communications
  • Historical and real-time reporting
  • In-built dialler
  • Workforce management tools
  • Quality management
  • Speech analytics
  • Advanced voice services
  • Self-service systems
  • One-click app ecosystem
  • Pre-built integrations (50+)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • PCI compliance

Talkdesk Contact Centre: Benefits

Because it’s developed on a cloud-native architecture, Talkdesk makes it easy for businesses to adapt and enhance their contact centre environment according to their changing needs. You can pay for the technology that you need, and upgrade only when you need to.

With a flexible environment at its core, Talkdesk’s enterprise-class cloud contact centre gives you the tools you need to bring customer experience into the heart of your business operations. One of the things that makes this offering so unique is that although it offers enterprise-class functionality, it’s also simple and straightforward enough for anyone to use. Benefits include:

  • Immersive interface: Today’s companies need more than just state-of-the-art software; they need an experience that’s easy to adopt at any level. Talkdesk’s contact centre is loaded with state-of-the-art features that also happen to be incredibly easy to use. For instance, the Talkdesk Agent functionality requires no training, and gives team members the option to view detailed caller information without having to move to another tool or app.
  • Customisable and adaptable: Design the contact centre that works best for your unique needs. Talkdesk gives you the power to adapt your tools however, you need to, with no coding skills required. You can design your own IVRs, configure routing flows, and add agents into the system, without any need for additional code. What’s more, because Talkdesk comes with access to dozens of one-click integrations, you can extend your call centre functionality with ease too
  • Exceptional performance: As the customer experience environment becomes increasingly complex, businesses need intelligent tools to help them keep up with their clients. Talkdesk can help with that. The company’s cloud contact centre comes with Talkdesk IQ – an intelligent system that mines data safely and privately from billions of interactions to give more intelligence to your conversations. This helps to drive better efficiency for your team, keep costs to a minimum, and improve customer engagements at the same time
  • Scalable, reliable, and dependable: Talkdesk describes its contact centre as being enterprise-class for a reason. It comes with access to incredible reliability, scalability, and call quality, to support the conversations that matter most to you. The microservices API-driven architecture and global data centres allow you to access the flexibility you need wherever you might be located. Talkdesk has the world’s first and only 100% uptime SLA

Talkdesk Contact Centre Finishing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a contact centre environment that gives you the enterprise-class communications that you need, combined with seamless simplicity, then Talkdesk might have just the solution for you. The cloud-based enterprise contact centre from Talkdesk is designed to give companies the scalability and flexibility that they need to continue growing, adapting, and excelling in today’s customer-first environment.

Equipped with everything you need to deliver meaningful moments to your clients, the Talkdesk contact centre provides a unique blend of innovation and straightforward functionality in one reliable platform.

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