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  • BroadSoft Team One

    BroadSoft Team-One Review – Team Collaboration App

    This article is reviewing the collaborative benefits of one of BroadSoft’s flagship products: BroadSoft Team-One. With this application, it is claimed that users are able to communicate and work together as a team better than ever before. More

  • Google Meet

    Google Meet Review – G Suite’s Team Collaboration App

    To determine just exactly how Google has perfected their communication services for the business user, we have decided to write an insightful review on Google Meet – the company’s latest product designed specifically for video and conference calling. More

  • Cisco Spark Room Kit Review

    Cisco Spark Room Kit Review: Bring More Power To Your Video Meetings

    With the Cisco Spark Room Kit, users are given a highly flexible and fully scalable video conferencing solution that offers a wide variety of cutting-edge features that can really help boost productivity and generate a much richer collaborative working environment when group meetings take place More

  • Avaya Zang Review

    Avaya Zang Review: Making Communication Easier

    Announced on March 9th, 2016, Avaya “Zang” is an innovative cloud-communications solution that not only makes collaboration easier, but also gives developers the opportunity to create their own applications. More

  • Unify Circuit

    Unify Circuit Review: Harnessing the Power of WebRTC

    One product making full use of WebRTC’s potential is Circuit, a hosted UC and team collaboration platform developed by German UC giant Unify. Circuit’s USP is that it can turn any device into a fully fledged, robust, enterprise class communications device direct from the web browser, with no apps, no downloads. More

  • Cisco Spark

    Cisco Spark Review: Cloud-based Apps for Better Teamwork

    As one of the world’s biggest telecoms and networking technology companies, you would expect Cisco to be right at the forefront of this drive. Early to embrace the transition from purchased software solutions to cloud-based application services, Cisco helped to pioneer the UCaaS model with its virtualised Unified Computing System (UCS). More

  • Google Hangouts Meet Review

    Hangouts Meet Review: G-Suite’s latest addition

    Google joins the Team Collaboration crowd seemingly out of the blue, Google has surprised the enterprise world by launching a brand-new video conferencing solution for HD video meetings, called “Meet”. More

  • Broadsoft

    About BroadSoft

    BroadSoft is a global leader of unified communications as a service (UCaaS), BroadSoft claims more than 40% of the UCaaS market worldwide, working with more than 500 partners, vendors and resellers. More