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  • Best of Contact Centre

    Our Best Contact Centre Reviews for 2017

    In today’s competitive environment, call centres need to have the best resources around if they want to outshine their competitors, and keep customers happy. More

  • Enghouse SfB CCTR

    Deploying a Skype for Business Contact Centre

    It sounds like the kind of match-up that could disrupt an entire market. Skype, the game-changing UC phenomenon, harnessed in the contact centre, opening the door to the futuristic possibilities of streamlined customer service via integrated video, voice, IM and presence. More

  • Enghouse Interactive Communication Center

    Contact Centres 2020: The Future of Contact Centre Solutions

    Few of us need reminding of just how much digital technology has changed telecommunications over the past two decades. If anything, the pace of transformation appears to be accelerating still, meaning it is anyone’s guess what that landscape will look like in another decade’s time. More

  • CC Solutions 101

    Contact Centre Solutions 101: The UC Today Buyer’s Guide

    As part of our contact centre solutions Technology Track series, we have put together the following 10-point guide to help business owners and CIOs out when it comes to making their next contact centre purchase. More

  • Power Diallers Market Guide

    Power Dialler Vendors

    Unlike Predictive or Progressive Diallers, a Power Dialler is a solution that concentrates on call volume by making approximately 75-80 calls per hour. More

  • Progressive Diallers Market Guide

    Progressive Dialler Vendors

    Progressive Dialling is a solution that eliminates the risk of silent/abandoned calls by dialling out one call at a time. All calls are automated however do not make more than one call at a time. More

  • Predictive Diallers Market Guide

    Predictive Dialler Vendors

    Predictive Dialler software is an efficient outbound caller system used to automatically dial out from a set list of telephone numbers using call metrics to predict the exact point when human agents are ready to take the next call. More

  • Contact Centre Market Guide

    Contact Centre Vendors

    Contact Centre solutions and platforms are a set of programmes and services designed specifically to help improve the performance of your agents, increase their efficiency and ensure all callers are given the best level of service they can get on a consistent basis (CX = Customer Experience). More

  • CCaaS Market Guide

    CCaaS Vendors (Contact Centre as a Service)

    By investing in CCaaS, your company can drastically reduce its in-house IT maintenance costs, improve its security and support company growth with a fully scalable solution that operates on a pay-as-you-use basis. More

  • Enghouse Interactive

    About Enghouse Interactive

    Enghouse Interactive boast over twenty-five years of experience building solutions designed to impress their partners and clients, allowing organisations to leverage the most out of contact centre solutions. More

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Centres 2016

    A Brief Look at the Gartner ‘s 2016 Contact Centre Magic Quadrant

    As the average call centre continues to evolve, providers are coming up with newer and more complicated ways to introduce robust solutions for company empowerment into the market. As these providers continue to take simple call centre capabilities to the next level, Gartner has established their Magic Quadrant review of the industry. Gartner continues to […] More