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  • IPCortex Hosted UC Margin

    Generating Margin from Hosted UC

    Here are some of the most effective ways that resellers can maintain high margins, build a more loyal client base and increase average revenue per user with hosted UC. More

  • Christmas AI in the Contact Centre

    The Contact Centre of Christmas Future

    How can businesses maximise efficiency and flexibility, while keeping customers and staff happy? As we look ahead to 2018 we expect Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to have a significant impact. More

  • IPEXPO IPCortex

    IP Expo: What Will Be the Top Communication Trends?

    The IP Expo Europe event kicks off next week, and we’re expecting to see some exciting discussion about where enterprise IT is going next and how the latest innovations will help drive their businesses forward. More

  • Unified Communications Market Guide

    Unified Communications Vendors

    Unified Communications (UC) Solutions are all-in one platforms that offer set of fully integrated communication programmes such as instant messenger, video calling, file sharing, email and various other collaboration tools to help improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. More

  • Cloud Security

    The GDPR and Cloud Communications Explored

    Come May next year, every business in the UK will be subject to strict new EU regulations on data protection. Despite Brexit looming, the government has confirmed that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be adopted, replacing current laws on data handling. More

  • Who really Kicks UC-aaS?

    Who really kicks UC-aaS?

    Who kicks Unified Comms’ booty this year? Here’s our own independent, un-influenced opinion poll for who loves who in the Unified Communications marketplace in 2017. More

  • IPCortex Q&A

    Is Contextual Communications the Promised Land for UC?

    While most of the attention in Unified Communications industry is, understandably, on present and future forms of communication – the Cloud, multimedia applications, social media – the man who founded British vendor IPCortex believes we shouldn’t lose sight of the the lessons offered by a much older type of technology. More

  • Cloud Communications Market Guide

    Cloud Communications Vendors

    As part of our Market Guide, here’s our list of cloud communications vendors. The list includes both dedicated and multi-tenant Cloud phone system suppliers to the partner community. More