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  • Fuze Tech Partners

    Fuze Deepens Technology Partnerships

    Fuze has, announced it has deepened relationships with hardware providers to enhance its ecosystem and ensure a unified, personalised communications experience for its enterprise users. More

  • Get Ahead With Flexible Working From Nimans & Sennheiser

    Nimans is hailing the arrival of flexible wired headset innovation from Sennheiser that combines greater levels of connectivity with enhanced sound performance for today’s increasingly mobile workforce. More

  • Sennheiser SP 20 ML UCT

    Sennheiser SP 20 ML Speakerphone Review

    The Sennheiser SP 20 ML is the German multi-national’s latest portable speakerphone designed to improve conference calling, provide greater mobility to users and nurture collaboration both in and out of the workplace. More

  • Sennheiser Presence UC Review UCT

    Sennheiser Presence UC/UC ML Review

    The Sennheiser Presence UC/UC ML is the German multi-national’s latest wireless Bluetooth ear piece headset designed to improve agent efficiency and prove hands free support for agents on the go. More

  • Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS UCT

    Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS Headset Review

    The Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS is the German multi-national’s latest wireless, adaptive ANC headset certified by Skype for Business and designed to help improve the communications of knowledge workers demanding business grade-communication. More

  • Sennheiser D10 Review UCT

    Sennheiser D10 DECT Headset Review

    Sennheiser D10 Phone ReviewThe Sennheiser D10 is the German multi-national’s latest wireless DECT headset designed to improve agent efficiency and maximise call quality for every customer. More

  • Personal Speakerphone Market Guide

    Personal Speakerphone Vendors

    With the rising popularity of cloud UC solutions in business, agents can now engage in conference calls from any location with internet access and personal speakerphones are the perfect way to support this freedom and mobility. More

  • Headsets Market Guide

    Headset Vendors

    Time is money in business and hands-free headsets are a certified way to improve call efficiency by allowing agents to perform multiple tasks at once and deliver the best level of service to their customers on a constant basis. More

  • Conference Phone Market Guide

    Conference Phone Vendors

    By investing in a good Conference Phone you can ensure your business is able to easily connect with clients, partners and colleagues from different cities, countries and time zones without ever having to travel outside of the office. More

  • Audio Can Make Or Break Your Meeting

    Workplace collaboration has experienced a radical transformation in recent years, wherein virtual meetings have become not just commonplace, but a vital part of our communications paradigm. Guest blog by Brian Brorsbøl, Director of Product Management CC&O at Sennheiser Communications. More

  • Sennheiser Headset Offer at Nimans

    Bottoms up for headset resellers!

    Happy days for resellers wanting to increase their headset sales, Sennheiser and Nimans are promoting a bunch of new offers to help drive sales More