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  • Video Conferencing 2020

    Video Conferencing Forecast 2020

    What about the future of video conferencing? To round off the series, we look at five innovations likely to have plenty to say about how we collaborate via video in the coming years. More

  • UCi2i Video Conferencing

    An IT Pro’s Guide to Video Conferencing

    When video conferencing and webinar technology first emerged, it had its biggest impact in the enterprise market, partly because the early solutions were only really affordable to the largest organisations. More

  • Video Conferencing: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

    Video Conferencing: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

    With sources predicting the video conferencing market will reach $8.9billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 8.3%, it’s clear the channel will have a huge impact on the way businesses will communicate in the future – but why is this so? More

  • Video Conferencing Market Guide

    Video Conferencing Vendors

    Video Conferencing is a growing trend in business that allows face-to-face group conversations to be held from any location, at any time and through any compatible device that has a working internet connection. More

  • Uci2i Video 2020

    Video 2020 – The Future of Video Conferencing

    To many people, the year 2020 still feels as though it’s off in the distant future. However, the truth is that it’s much closer than you think, and well-within the reasonable planning window for enterprise decision makers who want to get their communications strategies in place. More

  • BlueJeans Huddle

    BlueJeans Huddle Review – Video Conferencing System

    We have been taking a look at one of the market’s flagship products, the BlueJeans Huddle, reviewing the many features it has to offer and giving out own professional opinion on what types of businesses would benefit most from investing in it. More

  • UCi2i VaaS

    UCi2i Launches Brand-new Product Bundles

    UCi2i recently announced the development of their new VaaS selection of simple, yet effective cloud service bundles, designed for small to medium sized business.   More

  • How to Live Stream a conference or event over YouTube

    How to Stream a Live Conference Over YouTube

    Ever thought about streaming your meeting straight over YouTube? Now you can using YouTube’s live streaming service. Here’s a short guide on how to set it up, sponsored by UCi2i – Cloud based Video Conferencing More

  • Amazon Chime

    What Could AWS UCaaS Play Mean to the Enterprise?

    As you probably already know by now, AWS is offering a brand-new UCaaS service to an already competitive market of UCaaS and VCaaS vendors. Amazon Chime is the name of Amazon’s new service More

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