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  • CTI Software - CRM Integration Market Guide

    CTI Software Vendors

    Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software is a solution that combines an agents telephone features with the features available on their computer for a fully integrated experience that maximises performance, reduces call times and rapidly improves customer service. More

  • City London

    What You Need to Know About MiFID II

    MiFID II will be rolling into place during January of 2018, which means that financial service providers need to get ready. More

  • FCA Guide

    The FCA and Call Recording: A Short Guide

    Rules set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in its Conduct of Business Sourcebook (COBS, otherwise known as ‘The Handbook’) actually demand member organisations do more call recording, rather than less. More

  • Call Recording Market Guide

    Call Recording Vendors

    As part of our Market Guide, here’s our list of Call Recording vendors (alphabetical order). Call Recording Software reviews, suppliers, latest news and telecoms industry insight. More

  • Call Reporting Software Market Guide

    Call Reporting Software Vendors

    As part of our Market Guide, here’s our list of Call Reporting Software vendors (alphabetical order). More

  • MiVoice Office Call Reporter 5.0

    MiVoice Office Call Reporter 5.0 Review

    MiVoice Office Call Reporter 5.0 is the long-awaited upgrade to the popular MiContact Centre Office call reporting suite. Read the full UC Today review here. More

  • Mitel MiContact Centre Campaign Manager

    MiContact Center Campaign Manager Review

    MiContact Centre Campaign Manager lets organisations take control of their outbound calls. Outbound calling is a tough job, Mitel just made it easier. More

  • MiVoice Office Call Recorder

    MiVoice Office Call Recorder 5.0 Review

    MiVoice Office Call Recorder 5.0 review – new Call recording solution specifically for MiVoice Office 250 phone systems. Part of the latest MiVoice Office application Suite, offering extension-side only recording. – Mitel Call Recording More

  • EMIS Telephone Integration

    EMIS Telephone Integration for Healthcare

    You’ll all agree, GP surgeries nowadays are extremely busy places. With that in mind, Mitel have released their latest integration with the widely used EMIS healthcare application. More