Matthew Townend

Matthew Townend – Director of Research & Consulting at Cavell Group

Matthew Townend

Matthew is a respected analyst who has led a number of high-profile consultancy projects for multinational clients such as BT, O2, Vodafone, Level 3, Telkom South Africa, South Korea Telecom and Belgacom. His market analysis skills combined with his product management & sales experience enable him to undertake broad-based market and business analysis and to develop comprehensive business plans & market strategies.

He is a recognised expert in the area of hosted communications with frequent speaking engagements and published research. Matthew’s focus has been very much the development of new markets. Early in his career he launched the first UK magazine devoted entirely to the Internet, and he then went on to join PIPEX, the first commercial provider of internet access in the UK.

When PIPEX was acquired by UUNET he was appointed Product Director responsible for launching one of the first multinational VPN services in Europe, and subsequently became Senior Director of all indirect channel activities for Verizon in EMEA. After leaving Verizon he became Marketing Director at Inclarity, one of Europe’s earliest providers of VOIP services.

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