Cloud Considerations at the Ericsson-LG Enterprise Global Partner Conference

We report from the Ericsson-LG Enterprise Global Partner Conference which is taking place in Croatia

Cloud Considerations at the Ericsson-LG Enterprise Global Partner Conference

In a rapidly changing market, such as communications, providers that have the ability to cater for different solution options are in strong position. Ericsson-LG Enterprise are one such company with a holistic portfolio offering a variety of innovative products across the spectrum. With cloud deployments globally only accounting for less than a tenth of the market, localised solutions still represent the vast majority of new systems installed. As a vendor with options catering for all requirements, it is interesting that Ericsson-LG Enterprise are having such success with their cloud deployment models. With over 15 million global users Ericsson-LG Enterprise platforms format an important aspect of the market, and going forward they want more and more of those to be utilising the cloud.

Their Global Partner Conference 2018 is being hosted in the historic coastal city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, on the shores of the Adriatic. An annual event, the conference, rotates its venue locations around the world to provide a central setting for their truly global partner base. This year over 50 of Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s most valued partners have been welcomed to the event from across the globe with over 26 different nationalities in attendance.

Patrick Johansson, President and CEO of Ericsson-LG Enterprise is incredibly enthused by the opportunity to discuss, and demonstrate, their most innovative new solutions to their biggest partners, during the event.

“It’s really great to have a truly global family here – It is not about us at Ericsson-LG Enterprise alone, it’s about our distributors and our partners together and that is what makes us unique.”

The event consists of the main conference itself, with a selection of speakers postulating on the most relevant aspects of the developing market that will be impacting Ericsson-LG Enterprise and their partners. As well as a selection of keynotes, the event, also comprises a number of smaller more focused workshops providing details on different topics and use cases within particular market verticals.

Their main focus for the 2018 conference is enabling digital transformation, DX, with their iPECS solutions. Ericsson-LG Enterprise have recognised that the opportunity represented by digital transformation could be the next major trend within their business and partner strategies. Ahed Alkhatib, Vice President for Global Sales and Marketing, wants their iPECS Cloud to be used as a gateway to digital transformation.

“Digital transformation is such a broad concept but it is relevant to everything that we do today and everything that we will be doing in the future – I want us to think about the communication platform not as utility but as differentiator and strategic tool for the business.”

Ahed and Ericsson-LG Enterprise are aiming to leverage some of their more cloud orientated partners to eulogise about the benefits of the newer cloud models. Although they now offer solutions across the cloud spectrum including, on-premise, public and private cloud or hybrid solutions they have realised the direction that the market is taking.

With partners in attendance from a wide variety of locations including Africa, Asia and the Americas, the variation in cloud uptake within each region is dramatic. Europe, and in particular the UK, seem to be at the head of the curve in terms of cloud utilisation. Partners like Pragma, the UK’s only distributor for Ericsson-LG Enterprise and iPECS portfolio, have had tremendous success with iPECS cloud provision. Tim Brooks, Managing Director, of Pragma explains how important that aspects of their business has become. “Recurring cloud revenue now represents 10% of our overall turnover – We see so much more potential with iPECS Cloud”

Ericsson-LG Enterprise will be hoping that some of their success can inspire and encourage other partners globally to examine the possibilities iPECS Cloud can offer. Ericsson-LG Enterprise have witnessed a 200% growth in year on year cloud subscriptions and now have cloud presence in 9 of their 13 global regions, with expansions into Germany, South Africa, Indonesia and South Korea still to come.

It is clear that Ericsson-LG Enterprise have shifted their focus to enable more cloud possibilities for their partners, but as one of the most successful on premise providers globally, they are keen to ensure that their customers secure the best solution, regardless of deployment method.

More to come from Ericsson-LG Enterprise GPC 2018.

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