Introducing UC Advocates

Announcing the launch of our UC Advocates Programme

Introducing UC Advocates

For some time now, the UC industry has been experiencing an incredible period of transformation. The change in the marketplace is being driven by the innovations and pioneering concepts of world-leading brands. Communications has become a trending industry, with buzz and excitement spreading to every corner of the globe.

UC Advocates

Despite the incredible potential of UC, many telecoms professionals have gone unrecognised and unnoticed over the years. The good news is that this trend is beginning to change, thanks to the rise of social media, and a host of new ways for people to voice their opinions, share knowledge and recognise each other’s achievements in a brand-new landscape.

The Age of the Ambassador

Thanks to the rise of influencer marketing and micro-influencers, companies of all sizes have begun to discover the benefits of digitally-enhanced word-of-mouth marketing. This growth solution allows organisations to reach out to new customers through the positive words and comments shared by their most loyal fans and advocates.

The UC Advocate Programme

Since we launched UC Today, we’ve met countless amazing people from all corners of the globe – all willing to evangelise their favourite brands and share their unique experiences with companies. However, it seems that the UC industry needs a unique home for these like-minded people. We need an environment where the passionate can meet and share their experiences.

That’s why we’ve decided to introduce the new UC Advocates programme. This is an opportunity for people who are passionate about UC, CX and collaboration technology. It’s a place for companies to find people who will help them to raise their social media profile, and an environment where dedicated advocates can fly the flag for their favourite brands.

Member Benefits

We’re building a global community of social amplifiers, content creators, industry experts, media influencers, and speakers to advocate for UC, Collaboration, and CX tech. Benefits include:

  • Enhance your Personal Profile
  • Global Influencer Recognition
  • VIP Event Access
  • Fun Stuff
  • Plant Trees (CSR)
  • Access Paid Opportunities

Member Criteria

Whether you work as a technology leader in an end-user organisation, or you’re connected to a specific vendor, service provider, or partner channel business, we want to hear from you.

Getting involved in our new programme means that you can:

  • Share insights
  • Share content
  • Share your opinions
  • Share your success

Get Involved with UC Advocates

Places are limited, so register your interest now at ucadvocates.com

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