Our Project this Quarter: Trees for Tribals

Planting Trees with UC Advocates

Our Project this Quarter: Trees for Tribals

At UC Today, we’re committed to making the world a better place in a multitude of different ways. We launched our publication to support the vendors, buyers, and sellers in the UC industry, and help them find the information that they need for successful growth. When we introduced UC Advocates, we did so to provide our growing community with a place to talk about and promote their favourite solutions. Now, we’re helping the world to grow in another way, by planting hundreds of life-giving trees.

UC Advocates is built on the Sociabble platform – an immersive advocacy environment which allows users to interact, engage with each other, share information, and even earn rewards. As our project for this quarter, we embraced the “Trees for Tribals” strategy, to plant one tree for every action accomplished on the UC Advocates platform.

Nourish Your Brand and the Earth

Sociabble trees is a solution that allows advocacy platforms like UC Advocates to reward the actions of employees through innovative gamification strategies. When we signed up with Sociabble, we implemented the Sociabble Trees strategy to allow us to plant a tree for every person who signs up with the platform.

That means that when you join UC Advocates, you’re not just investing in a great way to expand your brand reach and promote your company, you’re also making the world a better place with us. After all, forests play a crucial role in the lives of indigenous communities around the world. The trees that we’re planting will belong to the Bharta tribe, who are heavily dependent on the forests for their food, security, and even their livelihood. With every tree we plant, we help to create a richer, better quality of life for these tribal individuals, ensuring that their lifestyle doesn’t go extinct.

As part of the tree-nation project, we’re helping to support indigenous tribes, relieve poverty, conserve crucial fauna, and drive the growth of reforestation in essential areas of the globe.

Get Involved Today!

We created UC Advocates as an environment for thought leaders, social influencers, business leaders, and customers that want to learn more about the communication landscape and share their experiences. This unique environment offers insights to the customers that need help planning their digital transformation strategies, and opportunities for growth to businesses that need to build their reputation in the cluttered UC space.

When you join UC Advocates today, you unlock a new opportunity for brand growth, as well as a chance to make the world a better place through a crucial environmental initiative. You can sign up with UC Advocates and start planting trees with us in no time!

Come and explore the Trees for Tribals initiative with UC Advocates today.


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