Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – A Deeper Customer Relationship with CPaaS from Brightlink

Joe White, Chief Technology Officer, at Brightlink tells us about their year to date and plans for the future

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – A Deeper Customer Relationship with CPaaS from Brightlink

Patrick was joined by special guest Joe White, Chief Technology Officer, at Brightlink.

Joe explains that 2018 has been and incredibly exciting year so far at Brightlink, they have grown by 20% in terms of staff and have also launched various new product platforms. The fundamental part of Brightlink’s proposition is their network platform.

“Our core business is always going to be our great network, we have spent a lot of time developing great coverage, really reliable and robust network solutions.”

Brightlink have expanded their proposition on top of their networking platform and have developed CPaaS solutions that can enhance services for customers. They have enabled UCaaS and messaging tools to allow customers to better use their core network. Contact centre and cloud PBX solutions have also been added to their proposition to really provide customers with a holistic portfolio.

“We looked and listened to our customers about what they needed to be successful in their offerings. We are a great platform company, we will also work with other work with other telecom providers, MSPs, ITSPs on how to provide the best solution for them to be successful in their business.”

Joe White, Brightlink

Into 2019 Brightlink will continue to maintain their core focus on the network, the most crucial part of their provision to customers. As well as maintaining and improving their network foundation for customers, Brightlink will also continue to expand its other enhancements, like its CPaaS proposition, to customers.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Joe White of Brightlink.

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