Out Loud: Virsae Ask – Is Your UC Inefficient?

In today's podcast we hear from Virsae about their research findings where it appears inefficiency in UC environments is rife

Out Loud: Virsae Ask – Is Your UC Inefficient?


Patrick is joined by special guest Jay Byford, who is Director of Business Development and IoT partnerships at Virsae.

First up Jay tells Patrick about the initial reasons behind their research and analysis of UC systems. Virsae are uniquely placed to conduct and analyse research of this nature with the huge amount of data that they collate from their customers.

Jay details some of the data sources that Virsae have utilised and then goes onto to highlight the main findings from the analytics. Some of the results are surprising, to say the least.

“About 74% of businesses are using less than half of their SIP or ISDN capacity – So it really gives an opportunity for people to go through and either consolidate, clean up and probably reduce their trunking costs by half.”

As well as huge underutilisation of existing resources, Virsae’s findings also unearth worrying statistics in regards to UC system redundancy. Their research showed that 4 out of 5 customers have some sort of system configuration problem that would not provide any failover if an aspect of the system were to fail.

Customer service, or CX, is one of the most popular phrases within industry but the research also revealed huge short comings in CX provision, whether that be dropped calls or incorrect routing.

Out Loud Jay Byford

Jay Byford, Virsae

Virsae were so surprised by some of the findings and quickly realised how critical providing this information could be to their existing, and to potential new customers. Their System and Application Assessment will now provide organisations with a huge spectrum of insights, once Virsae are able to deploy devices to monitor the system data over a month and then analyse the results. The possibilities for organisations to save money, improve systems and services and realise huge RIO on system investments are huge.

“We are sitting on such valuable information – the findings that we found are actually quite exciting”

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Jay Byford.

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