Service Management Delivers BIG Benefits

What Service Management can do for you and your organisation

Service Management Delivers BIG Benefits

Today, running an effective business means being able to track and manage everything in that organisation. One problem with your communications stack could be enough to send your entire enterprise into freefall – particularly when it means that you can’t continue valuable customer conversations. Fortunately, there is a way for today’s businesses to get the security and support they need, without hiring additional in-house support.

Service management for the IT and communication environment in a business is like accessing the support of a dedicated IT department, ready to enhance and accelerate your services. Your service management solution is designed to keep your business running at optimum capacity, improving user experience, customer satisfaction, and business operations.

While service management began in the IT sector, some vendors are starting to use the same concept to simplify a now increasingly complex communication environment too. Communication-focused service management systems provide an end-to-end overview of your communications environment, boosting service availability, redundancy, and quality. With service management solutions, you can uncover the cause of common problems, identify opportunities for operational enhancement, and even cut costs too. Let’s look at the benefits of service management.

1.     Improved Risk Management and Disaster Recovery

Every company, no matter the size, comes with some risk attached to it. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your risk levels with a service management solution. Whether in your IT or communications stack, a service management system helps to minimise threats by allowing you to track every aspect of your organisation.

For instance, the unified communication world is notoriously complicated today. However, with a service management solution, you can have another team handle all of that complexity for you, making sure that everything works together seamlessly, without any issues like latency or dropped calls. What’s more, your service management solution keeps useful logs of performance for critical tools in your business so that you can track down the source of potential problems.

Additionally, with service management solutions, you can further reduce your risk by ensuring that you have a full system backup in place, designed to help your organisation continue running smoothly if something does go wrong. Service management systems allow you to save a snapshot of your communication environment in the cloud so that you don’t have to build your entire organisation up again from scratch.

2.     Greater Business Security

Privacy and security are common concerns in any business environment. Service management solutions can improve the performance of both your IT networks and communication environments so that you can enjoy better peace of mind for both your organisation and your customers. These solutions eliminate the holes in your situation that could welcome fraudsters and cyber criminals into your midst.

Some of the top service management providers in the market today even offer real-time threat monitoring systems that ensure you’re always the first to know when your system is breached. With real-time threat solutions, you can instantly see evidence of hackers in your environment and act fast to protect your customer and company data.

3.     Better Availability and Productivity

As the world becomes increasingly digital, companies rely on their IT and communication services to continue running smoothly at all times to support optimum productivity and performance. Service management solutions consistently track the performance of mission-critical applications throughout your enterprise, presenting useful data and alerts to company administrators so that they can make changes fast.

Many service management systems can even assess the performance of your technology environment and look for potential gaps that might lead to poor performance or frustrated customers. When the system notices an issue, it sends an alert instantly, along with easy-to-understand graphs and insights that businesses can use to upgrade their system. In a customer contact environment, for instance, this might mean that your system tells you to update your IVR to let customers know that you’re experiencing issues and that they might have to wait a few minutes longer to speak to an agent.

Service management alerts mean that your IT team or the team that’s responsible for supporting your communication stack can instantly jump into action whenever trouble strikes.

4.     Improved Investment and ROI

A service management solution that can track your business performance in real-time and make adjustments is beneficial for a lot of reasons. We’ve already covered how this solution improves security and reliability. However, it could also mean that you make more informed investments about the additions you make to your communication stack too.

For instance, your service management solution can help you to understand how people in your business are using your Unified Communication tools so that you can add further functionality, or remove applications that aren’t having the right impact.

Additionally, service management solutions can also show the status of your UC infrastructure usage as it relates to your server and network. This means that if you’re overworking your communication stack, you can begin to look into upgrades and better resource utilisation before you hit issues that could harm your business performance. You could even set your service management solution up to inform you when you’re reaching a threshold for resource allocation.

5.     Faster Fixes Mean Happier Customers

Service management solutions provide an overview of everything that’s going on in your IT and communication environment, so you can detect errors, and fix them before they bring down your revenue. Some solutions even come with options to set up automated technology that initiates problem resolutions without you ever needing to contact an engineer.

The more you know about your environment and workflow with the help of service management solutions, the faster you can eliminate problems. This means that you continue to give your customers a consistent quality of support, and you get a better ROI from your communication applications.

In a world where customer experience is king, service management allow you to keep customers happy with high-quality support, no matter what.

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