Veritas Implements New Strategies to Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Veritas responds to business needs with AI and Machine Learning

Veritas Implements New Strategies to Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Data management is a growing concern for modern companies according to Veritas Technologies, a global leader in enterprise data protection. While companies around the world are quickly recognising the value of accessing data in their digital environment, many UK companies feel that they need to make improvements to the way that they handle, store, and protect that data.

A new tool from Veritas, “Veritas Predictive Insights” could help organisations to take advantage of this new data-rich economy using artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver always-on business support.

UK Businesses Need Help Handling Data

A recent study conducted by Vanson Bourne on Veritas’ behalf studied 1,000 data managers and IT decision makers in 15 countries and found that 84% of businesses need to make improvements to their data compliance strategies. A further 83% of respondents claimed that improvements are necessary to be made to data security, while 81% of UK respondents felt that their organisation are necessary to improve their level of data visibility and control.

The Veritas report revealed that only 15% of business leaders feel that their company is putting data to effective use. The Veritas Predictive Insights tool is one of the ways that Veritas hopes to help their customers get more out of their data strategy. This cloud-based AI and machine learning (ML) engine monitors the health of company technology stacks, detects possible issues, and creates proactive strategies for remediation before additional problems occur. What’s more, predictive insights also enhance the availability of the Veritas product, and boost customer satisfaction by preventing unplanned downtime, and ensuring faster fault resolution.

In an environment where only 22% of the IT professionals in the UK believe that data can flow seamlessly throughout their organisation with the right degree of visibility, any tool that helps to support the effective management of business information could be essential.

The Benefits of Veritas Predictive Insights

According to the Vice President and General Manager of Product Management for Veritas, David Noy, it’s crucial for today’s companies to have constantly-available IT systems and data access. The new Veritas Predictive Insights tool harnesses the power of continuous ML models and artificial intelligence to support and empower IT staff and eliminate business problems before they grow out of control.

Veritas Predictive Insights offers companies access to prescriptive support services like proactive maintenance, capacity forecasting, and performance, as well as compliance determination. The services come from ML and AI models that have access to years of data from tens of thousands of interactions among Veritas customers. This AI/ML engine combined with service personnel input should help organisations to actively improve their business strategies.

Veritas Predictive Insights and “Auto Support”

Veritas Predictive Insights, with it’s intuitive “Always On” framework allows for data-driven intelligent decision-making within any organisation. Veritas believes that this will support companies in improving productivity, and delivering better solutions to customers through a faster, more context-enriched support experience. Veritas customers can even enable the “auto support” feature on their Veritas appliance to make the most of the Predictive Insights tool.

The auto-support feature continually collects information and processes it through the AI/ML engine to create a System Reliability Score for each appliance. Customer support teams can then use this score to take proactive actions intended to boost business performance.

Overcoming Common Problems with Data Management

The new Predictive Insights solution from Veritas is just one of the ways that companies can start to make the most of the true power of data in their organisations. According to respondents in Veritas’ recent study on data management, most companies suffer from a range of problems, including:

  • Too many tools and systems in a single space (43%)
  • Too many data sources (40%)
  • No central strategy for data management (38%)
  • No skills or technology to harness data (36%)
  • Increasing costs for data management (28%)
  • Inability to recover and backup data (27%)

To engage with a world where data is the most valuable asset in any company, organisations need to find a solution that allows them to not only gather the right information but use that data to their advantage. The easy-to-use Predictive Insights tool from Veritas could be the first step in this journey. After all, only 8% of all the respondents in Veritas’ study said that their organisation didn’t currently have problems with data management.

Veritas Predictive Insights is available now in NetBackup appliances, and will soon be available on Flex and Access appliances too.

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