What Defines a World-Leading Service Management Platform?

UC Today meets up with Virsae CEO Tony Jayne to find out

What Defines a World-Leading Service Management Platform?

Following a variety of sales and product management roles, Virsae CEO, Tony Jayne, began his path on the road to service management stardom in earnest around 20 years ago by buying in to a New Zealand-based communications and integrations company. As the Managing Director he gained first-hand experience in the communications reseller market and the unique issues his and similar businesses faced.

Virsae’s light-bulb moment came about when Tony led the charge to branch out into the Australian market. The lack of adequate remote access and substandard dial-up connections meant that performance was poor and costs were high when it came to supporting Australian customers from a New Zealand-based support centre. Rather than succumb to defeat and settle for mediocrity, Tony and his team instead decided to start building a service management tool in the cloud based on the ITIL framework, not knowing that one day it would eventually become a business called Virsae.

By 2013, the business had grown a life of its own and after effectively incubating it in the NZ market, Tony and his team formed Virsae as a separate entity with the goal of taking it to the world.

Virsae now has established offices in the US & UK and secured its place as a world leading service platform developer that enables resellers and service providers across the globe to enhance the service they deliver to their customers in a cost effective and unique way.

After having started out as a reseller and experienced what it is like to take that journey, we asked Tony how much influence those experiences have had on helping him and his partners develop Virsae’s strategy over the years. He told us:

“Having walked in reseller & service provider’s footsteps and experienced the challenges they face, the ever-increasing demands from their customers, the complexity of the solutions, the move from PBX into IP telephony and multi-vendor applications that customers now run, we can really empathise with the partners we work with around the world.”

In a market that is ever changing and becoming more complex by the day, what exactly is it that sets Virsae apart from the crowd and makes it such a promising, future-proof service management tool that helps its partners secure that competitive edge and meet the shifting demands of the modern customer?

Tony commented:

“Unlike many of the other service platforms on the market, Virsae has the advantage of having its core architecture built directly within the cloud and, given that on average it carries out around 9 billion transactions a month from customers across the world, it functions as a powerful data and analytics platform that is able quickly spot trends that other competitors can’t see.”

Whereas traditional monitoring software looks at what has happened, Virsae is able to look across all of its customers’ data and analyse it to determine what will happen in the future, creating a much more proactive service monitoring solution.

Though they aren’t quite there yet, Tony also mentions how Virsae are looking to incorporate advanced machine learning technology to take that proactivity even further in the future by creating a self-healing solution capable of acting on and repairing errors autonomously for its users.

“Ultimately what we see is the ability to join those dots, not on a customer by customer perspective, but on a global scale. By already having all that information and being able to apply some very advanced analytics to determine what all that information means in the context of performance of both the equipment and the customers environment, connecting it all together and using machine learning to resolve our partners’ issues autonomously is the next logical step.”

Moreover, as its core data is cloud native and it is built on the ITIL service management framework, Tony adds that Virsae has the considerable advantage of being able to bring IT best practices into the UC world, enabling partners coming from traditional voice background to deliver world class IT support.

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