19 New Patents Delivered to Vonage

Vonage achieves a stream of milestone patents

19 New Patents Delivered to Vonage

Vonage 19 PatentsLeading cloud communications provider, Vonage, recently updated their innovation plan thanks to the arrival of 19 new patents delivered by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Vonage now has over 170 patents in total for their operations in America, alongside various applications and patents worldwide.

According to the CEO for the company Alan Masarek, the newest patents will give Vonage the power it needs to give users and businesses full control over the reliability of the cloud, with more functionality and features than ever before. Vonage hopes to use its recent breakthroughs to bring richer collaboration experiences to the business environment, innovating new products and services.

The Latest Patents

With the latest patents, Vonage has been able to reach new innovation milestones. For instance, Patent No. 9,667,802 to boost VoIP capabilities using Location Routing Numbers. The system will provide direct traffic exchange and interconnections between noncarriers. This should mean that VoIP systems have an easier time controlling and obtaining blocks of telephone numbers available through the NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administration).

On the other hand, the technology behind Patent number 9,661,035 should provide companies with the visibility they need to view a path of incoming callers and improve their understanding of direct customer communications. When customers are passed through departments, their information moves with them, helping businesses to see how customer calls are processed.

Further Vonage Patents

Some of the other patents that Vonage have earned recently include Patent number 9,647,956, which offers advancements in cloud-based communications for a more consistent, high-quality communication service. The system includes the automatic and dynamic allocation of VoIP media and SBC resources to improve quality and voice capacity. Additionally, Patent number 9,647,942 balances network resources to establish stronger communications in hosted VoIP platforms.

Vonage has also made significant innovations in the world of mobile communications, with better integration across broader networks. For instance, Patent number 9,686,668 allows for registration of VoIP providers with device home carriers, to minimise roaming charges. Patent number 9,647,233, on the other hand, offers presence detection on partner networks for more consistent VoIP communications, while Patent 9,641,562 allows Vonage to monitor call quality. Additionally, Patent number 9,628,540 includes modifications to SIP that allow systems to handle numerous actions at once.

Vonage has even acquired a Patent (number 9,712,682), which assigns virtual numbers automatically to accounts based on telephone activity – a crucial component for /unified-communications/cpaas and /unified-communications/ucaas purposes when companies want to establish a presence around the world. At the same time, Patent 9,742,823 allows for the identification of speakers on conference calls for better identification information and visibility during communication.

As Vonage continue to dedicate themselves to constantly updating the communications world and innovating the UC environment, it’s unlikely that we’ve seen the last of these updates, so stay tuned for more information as it appears.


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