Avaya Launch Public Cloud Offering in Europe

News from GITEX 2018, as Avaya announce the launch of their public cloud solution in Germany

Avaya Launch Public Cloud Offering in Europe

Global unified communications giant, Avaya, are set to make their Communications Cloud, the company’s first public cloud-based solution to be made available outside of the United States.
From the 1st of November the solution, targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), will be made available in Germany, acting as the first public cloud foray for the company into Europe. The rollout of the Avaya Communications Cloud forms part the company’s strategic aim to enhance its public cloud provision for customers globally. Up until now their public cloud solutions had only been available in the United States and this first extension represents a shift in strategy.

UC Today spoke to Ronald Rubens, VP for Europe at Avaya, during the GITEX 2018 event to understand more about the launch and why Germany has been selected as the first global location.

“Germany is still the biggest (European) market for us – we do have a data centre there, we do have a carrier licence there and we have do have a big footing.”

The solution itself is designed to reduce administration resources for customers and improve simplicity in terms of purchasing and operations. It will be available through the new Avaya Cloud Webshop and will allow customers to tailor a solution to their exact requirement with no need for installation. Operating in the same fashion as a traditional PBX system, with the exception that it is hosted within the public cloud, the Avaya Communications Cloud aims to allow companies of any size to utilise a fully functioning telephony system without having to outlay a large capital expenditure. An OPEX model is hugely advantageous in terms of flexibility for many customer models.

As well as changing the purchasing model, the Avaya Communications Cloud also simplifies billing and vendor management. The holistic solution, which includes the carrier traffic and talk minutes, will enable Avaya to cater for all of an organisation’s communication requirements. This can be advantageous for smaller businesses who can benefit from the simplified model.

In terms of further expansion of the solution it is unclear as to the current timeline and the next locations that are likely to be targeted. The UK market, for example, may not be fully suitable for the public cloud offering as it may conflict with Avaya’s partner community, who provide ‘Powered by Avaya IP Office’ services for example. “We have ‘IP Office Powered By’ with a number of partners in the UK. So at the moment we prefer to work with our partners because they have already set up the service.”

It will be interesting to see which markets are suitable for continued expansion of the Avaya Communications Cloud, maybe be these will be outside of Europe where the traditional partner model is less established.

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