Enhancing the Vonage Integration Suite with G Suite Capabilities

Vonage integrates further with Google, as G Suite announces Enterprise Voice

Enhancing the Vonage Integration Suite with G Suite Capabilities

Vonage, a company known for their commitment to innovative business communications, recently announced new collaborations with Google and their G Suite portfolio. Over the years, Vonage has maintained its reputation as a disruptor in the technology space, with a compelling cloud communication platform, complete with a range of agile communication APIs.

Today, Vonage is building on the insightful experiences that they offer their users with the introduction of new enhancements to its integrations with Google Contacts, Hangouts Chat, Gmail, Tasks, and Calendar. The Vonage Integration Suite now comes with a selection of upgraded capabilities that should offer G Suite users the contextual information they need to enhance customer experiences and boost their productivity. Vonage believes that the G Suite integrations will help their customers keep their businesses running smoothly.

What to Expect from the Enhance G Suite Integration

Vonage’s updated integration with G Suite should offer a host of benefits to their users, including:

  • Consolidation between CRM and G Suite workflows: With the Vonage integration suite, teams will be able to boost the productivity and efficiency of their workflow by accessing their G Suite and CRM data in the same place
  • Better workflow integration: Extensive integration with Google Tasks and Google Calendar will allow Vonage users to schedule their meetings in Google Calendar and link them to related tasks in their G Suite workflow
  • Enhanced analytics and reporting: No matter which device you use for a Vonage business call, you’ll be able to view your analytics and historical data in the Integration Suite UI
  • Google Hangouts Integration: Use your Vonage business phone number to call others directly through Google Hangouts, receive alerts from inbound calls, and launch outbound calls. You can also trigger returns of missed calls when users in your contact list become available
  • Call labeling and noting: Log business outbound and inbound calls, and label those communications with date, time, and duration information

Building on a Strong Partnership with Google

According to the SVP of Product Management at Vonage, Jay Patel, the collaboration that Vonage has with Google ensures that customers can take their existing communication strategy one step further with the latest integrations. Patel believes that building on the existing partnership Vonage has with Google should help their customers to seamlessly connect with both customers and contacts alike in a range of efficient ways.

Of course, now that Google has announced the re-delivery of Google Voice at Google Next, there may be trouble in paradise on the horizon. Voice is officially being launched as an enterprise-ready PBX service, which, as analyst Dave Michels, of TalkingPointz, notes – may cause problems with existing Google partnerships. Vonage, like RingCentral, Dialpad, and others, build their business upon their G Suite collaborations.

Though the initial service from Google only has a limited feature set, which does leave some room for G Suite partnerships, Michels notes that:

“Google has all the pieces to build an impressive offer – the question is, will they?”

After the Voice announcement, Vonage may be wondering whether their decision to integrate with G Suite even further was a mistake.


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