Genesys Introduces Experience as a Service

Genesys Cloud transforms the experience landscape

Genesys Introduces Experience as a Service

Global leader in the delivery of omni-channel customer experience and contact centre solutions, Genesys, recently announced that it is changing the name of its leading PureCloud software to Genesys Cloud. The rebrand reflects the company’s evolution into a new age of “as a service” solutions. Genesys Cloud will provide businesses with access to unique experience as a service solutions, powered by the team at Genesys.

With this unique tool, companies will have access to one of the world’s leading public cloud contact centre platforms, and an all-in-one solution for personalisation at scale. According to Tony Bates, the CEO of Genesys, Genesys Cloud will make it easier for companies to nurture loyalty and trust. Genesys believes that when businesses can deliver distinct experiences for each customers, they can provide the level of personalisation modern clients need.

A Flexible Cloud Solution

Tony Bates

Tony Bates

Over 500 new customers around the world chose Genesys cloud as their provider in 2019, and the numbers keep on growing. The service is designed to suit businesses of any size or background, with deployments ranging from 20 to 20,000 seats. Nearly 90% of organisations can implement their cloud solution within 90 days or less.

Genesys believes that Genesys Cloud will give companies everything they need to get to know their customers on a deeper level. This ensures that brands can provide more memorable experiences for every customer interaction. Companies like Banco International have already seen the benefits of using Genesys Cloud for an omni-channel customer experience platform. The cloud service allows customers to use a single solution to engage with customers in the environment that suits them.

The name of the cloud service isn’t the only thing that’s changing. Genesys is also rolling out new usage-based pricing options in 2020 too. With this pricing strategy, customers will only need to pay for the hours they want and add as many users as necessary. Additionally, customers can make changes to their subscription bundle, increasing hours, and adding channels or seats as necessary.

Making Genesys Cloud More Accessible

President of McGee-Smith Analytics, Sheila McGee-Smith, noted that after decades of providing on-premises solutions for contact centres, Genesys has pivoted quickly and seamlessly into the cloud. Genesys Cloud gives modern businesses the best of both worlds in their deployments. Not only do users get a powerful cloud platform for rapid scalability, but they also get the expertise and knowledge of an industry pioneer too.

Both customisable and cost-effective, Genesys Cloud will offer an innovative development platform, perfect for organisations that want to address the ever-changing needs of their industry and customers. Open APIs, a robust set of features, and a compelling microservices architecture makes the cloud offering a fantastic solution for companies from a range of backgrounds.

Going forward, Genesys will also be delivering a range of new innovations directly through the Genesys Cloud platform. This will make it easier for any customer of the Genesys brand, whether hybrid, cloud, or on-premises to consume new functionality, including digital tools, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and more.


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