Global Bandwidth on Demand Extended to SD-WAN by Masergy

Enjoy real-time control over public connectivity with Masergy

Global Bandwidth on Demand Extended to SD-WAN by Masergy

As enterprises continue to move towards agile business models to cope with an era of rapid and constant change, companies like Masergy are introducing new solutions for simple and effective connectivity. The leading provider of managed security, cloud communications, and hybrid networking recently announced that they would be extending their Intelligent Service Control solution to include Global Bandwidth on Demand with Managed SD-WAN services.

Masergy currently owns and operates the biggest Software Defined Platform in the world, and their in-depth knowledge in this space is sure to help them to deliver an experience unlike any other. According to the Chairman and CEO of Masergy, Chris MacFarland, as the enterprise application environment grows more complex, many professionals are already turning towards hybrid software-defined networks to boost experiences for customers.

Masergy hopes that by extending their patented service control capabilities into their Managed SD-WAN service, they’ll give IT experts more control over their extended networks.

Increased Flexibility and Scalability

According to Masergy, enterprises of all shapes and sizes are now demanding a service provider who has more flexibility in their WAN architecture. Groups are leveraging both private and public links to offer the highest level of resiliency and reliability. Masergy has developed their network solutions to support customers from a range of backgrounds, giving them the scalability, they need to increase bandwidth dynamically when they need it most. Masergy says that their Global Bandwidth on Demand service not only provides flexibility but the comfort that comes with continuity when public or private networks fail.

Over more than a decade, Masergy has been the group responsible for offering state-of-the-art scalable bandwidth to customers. With the new release, customers will have even more control over their SD-WAN networks too. Masergy is the first company to ever offer this capability to the industry, and it will give hybrid customers the full support they need to meet the demands of any enterprise environment.

Award-Winning Service and Support

Masergy’s compelling Global Bandwidth on Demand feature comes as part of their Intelligent Service Control portal. This unique ISC system allows customers to reduce or ramp up their managed SD-WAN bandwidth according to location. IT managers apparently embrace these features as a way of accommodating everything from video conferencing across multiple sites to data backups and disaster recovery.

On both private and public links, Masergy customers can set up schedules to automatically update their system throughout the work, ensuring scheduled analytics and backups take place at the best time. The SD-WAN global bandwidth on demand service is now available to all customers with the Masergy Hybrid Networking service.

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