Introducing Talari Cloud Connect: Enterprise Cloud Deployment Made Simple

Reliability-ready cloud deployments with Talari

Introducing Talari Cloud Connect: Enterprise Cloud Deployment Made Simple

Connections make the world go around in today’s digital environment. Both service providers and enterprise companies alike rely on the durability and reliability of their connections to deliver exceptional support and experiences to the end consumer. Unfortunately, there have been numerous problems within the industry when it comes to bridging the gap between the security and predictability of MPLS connections, and the flexibility and multi-tenancy of the cloud.

Talari, a leader in Failsafe SD-WANs recently announced the delivery of a new solution intended to provide superior quality of experience and MPLS-class availability over the cloud. Talari’s “Cloud Connect” solution ensures incredible performance for communication environments, stretching all the way from VoIP to video conferencing.

We spoke to Andy Gottlieb, one of the co-founders of Talari, and the Chief Marketing Officer today, to discuss the possibilities of Talari’s Cloud Connect, and what it can offer to the world of communications.

Tell Us About Yourself & Talari Connect

Andy began his career in the communications market as an engineer, before switching into a marketing and product marketing path a while ago. “I met my co-founder at a chip company, and founded Talari about a decade ago, with the aim of delivering reliable connectivity through the public internet. We were doing SD-WAN before it was called SD-WAN.”

Talari is ultimately known for its site-to-site reliable connectivity for SD-WAN technology. “We do reliability better than anyone, and what we’re delivering with Talari Connect is the opportunity to access that same high-quality experience in a new format.”

Talari Cloud Connect effectively delivers both efficient, and effective connectivity to cloud service gateways and network as a service offerings through something that Talari call a “cloud conduit.” The unique technology also allows Talari to offer a value-added proposition for their partners, who can choose how they’d prefer to price their offering. “Some may choose to price it at a premium; others might not. From an enterprise side, it will be available to our enterprise customers free of charge.”

What Makes Talari Connect So Compelling?

The Talari team pride themselves on some unique characteristics that set the brand apart, including their exceptional NPS score of approximately 94.

“Our services have been proven in countless industries, including the emergency services environment. What we focus on with our offering is delivering reliability and a high level of uptime for all applications. Whether you’re developing hybrid WAN or building a WAN to eliminate the MPLS, we’re really the only company delivering this high level of reliability.”

The conduit technology in Talari Connect allows the company to respond rapidly to changes happening at a “sub-second” level within the network. Essentially, the conduit solution provides multi-path and multi-link connections between consumer communication environments and the Talari Cloud technology running at a service provider’s “Point of Presence” environment. With this technology, Talari can offer the same failsafe benefits of their patented SD-WAN technology, without having to ask enterprise customers to deploy additional software in the cloud.

From an enterprise perspective, users get more reliable access to their cloud solutions and applications via the most resilient selection of PoP networks. Additionally, from a /unified-communications/ucaas partner perspective, service providers can deliver a higher quality of loss and latency sensitive connectivity – something that Talari has already begun to deliver to companies like RingCentral, Evolve IP, and Pure IP.

What Benefits Does Talari Connect Bring to Companies Like RingCentral?

Already, Talari has seen significant adoption in their product from a UCaaS perspective. “I think UC as a Service is where we’re gaining a lot of ground because these are the people most interested in solving quality of service and reliability on the internet. We’ll be adding more partners as the months go by.”

Currently, Talari already has support from RingCentral, Evolve IP, Meta Networks, Pure IP and Mode. Andy told me: “Our cloud conduit allows the enterprise to treat the connection as another site on their WAN. They get to see all the reliability of an MPLS, without deploying the infrastructure.”

“From companies like RingCentral‘s point of view, instead of having their customers access data centres over the plain old internet, they can leverage our technology for a multi-length reliable level of connectivity.”

For service providers, Talari’s technology is all about being able to deliver the ultra-high quality of experience that their customers are looking for, without the need to deploy anything additional. Talari’s Cloud Connect technology also gives service providers access to reliable, and highly predictable first and last mile cloud-based infrastructure and security services end-to-end. Talari’s partnership with Meta Networks helps to address the growing need for security with remote access to applications in the cloud, or private data centres.

Where Is the Biggest Demand for This Tech Coming From?

Andy told me that demand for the Talari Connect solution has emerged from both the enterprise user point of view, and the service provider perspective.

“From the service provider avenue, we’re seeing the most uptake from UCaaS vendors. These are the companies that deal most with performance for their customers. The other push we’re getting is from enterprises who want to migrate their applications in the cloud or switch their data to somewhere new. They want the same reliability and predictability they got in the past, with additional flexibility.”

Enterprises with Cloud Connect get the reliability and visibility they need to discover cloud problems and eliminate issues that they couldn’t address before. “They can set priority according to which packet should go out first, which traffic comes in at the highest priority, and so on.”

For Managed Service Providers, Talari is working with partners like Mode to offer more advanced solutions for a reliable Network as a Service (NaaS) and SaaS solution. The NaaS solution from Mode will allow every Talari SD-WAN location to take advantage of the Mode PoP closest to the enterprise customer’s site.


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