Mitel World Cloud Simplifies Global Communications

Cloud Communications for Multinational Businesses

Mitel World Cloud Simplifies Global Communications

In Paris on October 18th 2016 Mitel announced their latest World Cloud solution. World Cloud will soon be available in the UK on both MiCloud Business and MiCloud Office UCaaS platforms.

What is Mitel World Cloud? Well it allows multi-national organisations to connect global telephone numbers onto their UCaaS platforms and allows local breakout for low cost calling.

  • Virtually bridges offices and eliminates barriers to international communications
  • Saves on international calling costs and offers true local experiences for customers
  • Supported by 14 top-tier data centres strategically located across the globe
  • Streamlines deployment of services, billing and management

Mitel® (Nasdaq:MITL) (TSX:MNW), a global leader in real-time business, cloud and mobile communications, today introduced World Cloud, a new solution for simplifying backend services and management of cloud communications for multinational businesses. Announced at the company’s marquee Mitel Next event in Paris, World Cloud expands Mitel’s cloud footprint to more than 40 countries worldwide. #MitelNext

For global companies, high connectivity demands and the strain of supporting disparate systems can be costly and complex. Employees using different collaboration tools on different platforms can also slow productivity. World Cloud gives employees universal access to the same communications capabilities while providing free international extension-to-extension dialling and unlimited user-based country dialling. Local in-bound phone numbers and extensions with local out-bound dialling also localise the customer experience.

World Cloud additionally simplifies IT management with streamlined administration tools and consolidated billing. Fourteen highly-resilient data centres, strategically located across the globe, ensure the highest resiliency, adherence to country-specific data sovereignty requirements and offer advanced security.

Sandra Gustavsen, Analyst, G Business Systems said:

There is an increasing, even an accelerating, interest in cloud communications by distributed organisations with sophisticated requirements and geographically-dispersed offices. Ease of adding new locations, consistency across a network and built-in resiliency are among the strategic benefits a cloud alternative inherently offers.

Moreover, a global cloud network that can unify a hybrid of cloud and on-premises deployments provides the ultimate in flexibility by creating a single communications platform for multinational organisations, while allowing them to retain the mix of on-premises equipment and cloud services that best fits their particular business challenges.

With the rise of the digital economy, business must think globally more than ever because the reality is their competitors are,” said Jon Brinton, President and EVP Mitel Cloud Division. “Mitel is helping meet the connection and flexibility needs of multinationals as they penetrate new markets, acquire and merge with other companies or expand their workforce. This is true for the small business looking to address its customers’ needs like a Fortune 500 enterprise, or a large business wanting to adapt to changing markets with the ease of a nimble startup.

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