Oak Innovation – Secure Your Comms This Christmas

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Oak Innovation – Secure Your Comms This Christmas

Christmas has changed. More and more people are avoiding the high street, preferring to buy online or over the phone. While front and back office staff do their best to manage the increased workload, IT staff are under pressure to protect huge volumes of data and avoid security breaches.

Ensuring adequate staff to manage higher volumes of calls is paramount to the customer experience. Moreover, it shows you value their time. Extensive queues, on the other hand, raise the stress levels of everyone concerned. Both employee and customer engagement tend to dip when the burden of Christmas shopping hits your business.

Rather than employing a large amount of seasonal staff, which takes up time and resource, you could be utilising your communications technology to give you a helping hand. Oak has put together a few tips to help you manage the Christmas period.

Automate routine tasks

Integrated systems assist staff to adhere to policy and avoid mistakes. Process automation speeds up customer verification and database look ups. Staff are less stressed and better able to focus on providing a great service, even during the busiest periods.

You can even include payment automation to save on staff costs. By utilising technology, callers wishing to simply make a payment can opt to use the automated system rather than hold on for a member of staff.

Review PCI DSS compliance

Following recent improvements to online and face-to-face card transaction security, fraudsters’ attention has turned to phone payments.

Using manual pause and resume recording when customers give their card information over the phone is likely to lead to mistakes. At best, time will be wasted. At worst, it could lead to a serious data breech which could have a huge impact on your business. With Christmas being the busiest inbound period of the year, this is not something you likely have the resource to dedicate to.

Provide regular security training

Frontline staff should be informed about current fraud tactics and be able to identify a suspicious calls or emails.

Similarly, IT staff should be aware of the latest threats and equipped to address weaknesses. A quick refresher on your communications platform is always advised before peak periods kick in.

Ensure software is up to date

Reputable software vendors will know about security threats and have processes in place to address vulnerability. Many offer support plans that keep you informed and provide access to critical notifications and updates. It’s always worth being proactive and ensuring you make the most of them.

Do more with analytics

Traditionally, analytics have been the icing on the cake. Graphs and trend analysis look great when you’re assessing a solution. But, when it comes down to implementation, analytics is pushed to the back of the queue. You wouldn’t be alone in this.

However, the busy Christmas period is the perfect time to kick start using your analytics.

From live wallboards and real-time reports that show call and agent stats in the moment, to using speech analytics to improve service after the event, there’s a wealth of analytical features at your disposal. More often that not, you’ve already got them. They just need to be turned on.

To find out more about Oak’s solutions and to make your business ready for Christmas, you can check out their CRM integration and payment automation solutions as well as their SupportX offering. It may be a little early to put the tree up, but it’s never too early to implement your Christmas communications strategy.

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