Oculeus Creates Real-Time Fraud Protection

New real-time fraud protection service

Oculeus Creates Real-Time Fraud Protection

Leading provider of telecommunications innovations, Oculeus, recently announced the development of their new product, Oculeus-Protect – a real-time fraud protection service for enterprise companies. The Oculeus-Protect solution is a cloud-based system that protects enterprise PBXs from fraud and hacking risks, using the latest in security technology.

Over the last year alone, Telecoms fraud was responsible for up to $29.2 billion in damages, highlighting the need for better protection among contact centres and businesses. According to the CEO of Oculeus, Arnd Baranowski, there’s a serious demand for new fraud protection solutions in the telecoms environment, particularly as the burden of paying for false charges in fraudulent events usually falls upon the enterprise.

How Does Oculeus-Protect Work?

Oculeus-Protect aims to offer companies a real-time insight into their security, using an automated and intelligent framework. The system prevents false charges made by cybercriminals and fraudsters by assessing important details during a conversation. According to Oculeus, the solution is capable of blocking fraudulent traffic in the telecoms network within “milliseconds,” and it works independently of the rest of the telecommunications stack.

Running from regional cloud environments, Oculeus is available throughout South America, North America, and Europe, though there are plans to roll out into additional locations in January 2019. Oculeus-Protect is highly accessible thanks to a straightforward registration process, where the enterprise PBX system is configured so that signalling flows in calls can be consistently monitored.

Once configuration is completed, Oculeus service solutions begin to immediately protect voice communications in the enterprise against things like PBX hacking and toll fraud. According to Baranowski, the service runs similarly to the antivirus system on a computer or laptop, without any noticeable impact on the quality or speed of the company’s voice communications. Suspicious calls from outside of the enterprise can be immediately detected and blocked.

The Fraud Detection Process

In a press release about the new technology, Baranowski said that the Oculeus-Protect system starts by profiling the enterprise communication network so that it can build an intelligent baseline of what to expect from telecommunications activities. From this point, the tech can monitor the communication network for strange patterns and anomalies typical within telecoms fraud. All suspicious traffic goes to a fraud detection engine, where it can then be blocked if necessary.

The Director of Technology Research Institute – a firm committed to following the fraud control software market, said that Defence-in-Depth technology like Oculeus-Protect is a wise practice for today’s companies who can’t afford to fall victim to fraud issues. The Oculeus service offers a better insight into network communications in real time, therefore reducing a company’s risk. Additionally, enterprises that register to the service will also have access to individual online portals that demonstrate unique reports on their voice communication activities.

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