Out Loud: A Partner’s Perspective on Avaya’s Cloud Proposition

We examine Avaya's cloud proposition with one of their specialist partners, Formation tech

Out Loud: A Partner’s Perspective on Avaya’s Cloud Proposition


Patrick is joined by special guests Mark Tyers and Dan Cholerton, who are co-founders of Formation Tech.

Mark gives us a background of their history in the industry from their previous business to starting Formation tech. They quickly realised the benefits of the Avaya cloud model from both a customer and a partner perspective.

“The value we bring as a business and as an Avaya partner is service.”

Dan explains that although they started the business during the early years of cloud communications they recognised quickly the value in Avaya’s cloud portfolio.

Mark Tyers & Dan Cholerton

Mark Tyers and Dan Cholerton, Co-founders of Formation Tech

Mark also explains the differences between running their previous business and the new, cloud native, Formation Tech. Some of the issues they faced previously were eradicated by the cloud model they adopted.

Formation focus on the powered by IP Office proposition from Avaya for midsize business but the flexibility of the portfolio allows scope to cater for organisations of all sizes.

“The hybrid approach, the resiliency and the architecture that Avaya have built, alongside the track record and pedigree they have within the functionality, for example contact centre, really sets it apart”

Mark and Dan then explain some of the main benefits and differentiators which make their Avaya proposition a very compelling one for existing Avaya customers and new businesses looking to the cloud.

“One of thing which they (Avaya) have done very well is moving on from being viewed potentially as one of the traditional vendors, hardware based, capex based, to a genuine software and services business and customers are really buying into this – they are seeing Avaya as their logical cloud option.”

Patrick then asks Dan and Mark to run through their top reasons for migrating to the cloud with Avaya. The guys come up with so many angles and benefits for customers.


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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guests Dan Cholerton and Mark Tyers.


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