VoIPstudio’s Full Featured Cloud Phone System Retails For £3.99

How can such a price point deliver all the features hosted users have come to expect?

VoIPstudio’s Full Featured Cloud Phone System Retails For £3.99

Award-winning Cloud Communications service provider VoIPstudio promises to deliver a simple, powerful business VoIP service with advanced features as standard for a retail price of just £3.99 per user per month.

Boasting impressive credentials including being deployed in 75 countries, carrying 15 million minutes every day and with a 99.999% uptime, VoIPstudio were recently awarded Best Business ITSP (Under £2m) at the 2018 ITSPA awards and have an enviable 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

“We have three USPs that set us apart. Support, the comprehensive features set of our entire portfolio, and price.”

“Our entry level package is £3.99 per month and that includes every single feature we have on the service,” explains Rob Seymour, Marketing Director at VoIPstudio. We don’t cut back on the quality of the service based on the packages customers opt for. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for the pay-as-you-go plan or the international plan, you basically get the same VoIPstudio solutions, the only difference will be the number of minutes that you buy and we have very competitive rates on those too.”

The VoIPstudio solution also includes a number of features that would typically be seen as a premium bolt-on such as call recording with unlimited storage, full ACD queues, audio conferencing and even a receptionist console. Rob explains that “it will always be everything, even as we develop and deliver new features. Holding features back just doesn’t sit well with that philosophy.”

VoIPstudio have stressed that even at the relatively low cost of entry, their solution doesn’t cut corners in other areas and they have tried to manage their costs as much as they can to maintain a profitable business whilst still delivering true customer value.

“We’re quite a lean team and there are not hundreds of us. We don’t waste money on marketing and focus where we do spend it. I don’t have a massive budget and I’m accountable for every penny. But the reality is that we don’t really know why we can make good money at £3.99 whereas the rest of the industry seems to be charging more. One aspect might be that we’ve chosen to go direct rather than through a channel which means that we don’t have to build in multiple layers of margin. Whatever the reason is, even at £3.99 we’re making a reasonable profit where we have enough to pay our staff well and invest in R&D. We’re growing at a steady, manageable rate and the clients are happy with the quality of the service and support that we’re providing.”

The VoIPstudio direct route to market is focused around a no-obligation free trial that does not require a credit card and will not automatically roll on if not cancelled.

“This has worked well for us. We want to make the process as frictionless as we can and we try to get people to sign up to the 30-free trial of a fully featured solution and we try to ensure that that’s as easy as possible. We’ve got a series of automated walkthroughs as people first experience the solution and we just try to make everything as easy as we can do.”

VoIPstudio are also keen to stress that the £3.99 price point isn’t all about building a big customer base quickly before selling and moving on.

“We’re not in the business of grabbing market share and then selling out. We want to build a happy client base that’s with us for a long time to come. Just because we’re low cost it doesn’t mean we’re compromising on quality. We have the independent testimonials through Trustpilot and the award nominations and successes to verify that.”

VoIPstudio are certainly entering a crowded market with a very disruptive price point but if their testimonials and Trustpilot rating are anything to go by then they are not cutting corners in terms of features, service and support.

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AvatarRob Scott 09:36, 28 Nov 2018

There’s a really interesting value discussion here. In the old days we used to say ‘buy cheap, get cheap’ however small innovative, customer focused businesses with agility, can offer reign terror over large, slow, expensive established players.

VoIPstudio are a great example of good service, platform and price..

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