Vonage Achieves Impressive HITRUST Certification

Vonage Shows Off High-Level Compliance

Vonage Achieves Impressive HITRUST Certification

Vonage, a leading cloud business communications provider, recently announced a new achievement, showcasing the company’s credibility and compliance. Vonage has earned the “HITRUST” CSF certification for its Unified Communication as a Service platform, Vonage Business Cloud. The new accolade highlights Vonage’s compliance with HIPAA regulations and privacy guidelines for protected health information. The Vonage Enterprise service is also certified with HITRUST.

Vonage is well-known in the communication environment for its pioneering Nexmo API platform and its wide range of cloud-focused communication solutions. The HITRUST certification is one of the most broadly adopted security frameworks in the United States healthcare industry, which helps Vonage to present itself as a viable solution for the healthcare vertical.

Safeguarding Critical Customer Data

Both compliance and risk-based, the HITRUST CSF certificate gives credibility to Vonage’s agile and comprehensive approach to delivering communication services. Vonage is committed to developing and enhancing it’s already impressive security and privacy framework to address the needs of the healthcare marketplace.

According to the Chief Information Security Officer at Vonage, Johan Hybinette, the brand his passionate about safeguarding customer information and providing them with a secure platform for their customer data. The HITRUST certification will mean that Vonage can assist customers in improving how they do business through the latest tech, with an industry-leading suite of cloud-based communication solutions.

Today’s forward-thinking healthcare organisations are using innovative communications to empower productivity and mobility among a wide range of employees, enabling patient-centric support, and solutions to improve the patient experience. Through reliable cloud communication solutions like the Business Cloud, companies will have the power to transform their healthcare environments.

Expanding the Vonage Compliance Portfolio

The addition of their latest third-party HITRUST CSF security certification showcases Vonage’s commitment to expanding on their compliance portfolio. Today, the company can provide healthcare customers with the industry-leading communication solutions that they need, without compromising on security or privacy.

According to Elka Popova, the VP and Senior fellow at Frost and Sullivan, the healthcare industry is seeing a significant change in the state and federal regulations that businesses need to address. At the same time, companies are looking for ways to invest in new digital transformation solutions, so that they can modernize their environments, and ensure the security and privacy of health information in the methods they use for communication. The HITRUST certification shows that Vonage is continuing to prioritize safety and compliance for its customers.


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