Ringover: Why Start-Ups Need UCaaS to Accelerate Growth

Even small businesses need UCaaS

Ringover: Why Start-Ups Need UCaaS to Accelerate Growth

Across the globe, businesses from all backgrounds are facing the challenge of digital transformation. These companies know that if they want to stay ahead of the curve, they need to be willing to adapt and embrace the latest technology.

Start-ups aren’t immune to the issue of digital transformation. Just like any other business, they need to find quick and effective ways to increase their bottom lines, expand their market reach, and improve their impact on their industry. Fortunately, start-ups are also in a unique position to take advantage of the latest offerings in the tech world, without having to rip and replace legacy systems.

A start-up business in the modern landscape has the potential to build their operations in the cloud from the ground-up, using UCaaS to future-proof their processes, technology, and communication strategy. As the most agile, cost-effective, and scalable solution to unified communications, UCaaS gives start-ups the freedom to accelerate their growth using a highly flexible model. Here’s why all start-ups can benefit from unlocking the power of UCaaS.

Unlocking the Essential Features of UCaaS

As the world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, more substantial, legacy companies are forced to re-examine their UC environment and determine how much of their tools and processes they can move into the cloud. This is often an expensive and sophisticated process for bigger companies.

While all businesses can benefit from UCaaS, start-ups have the freedom to choose UCaaS as the core of their communication strategy from day one. With UCaaS, businesses just getting started in the marketplace can access all of the communication tools that they need using an “as a service” model, without having to worry about hiring a vast in-house IT team or investing in expensive equipment.

UCaaS gives start-ups the power to integrate all the communication methods that they need through a single provider, accessing everything from telephone communications, to enterprise messaging, video conferencing, and more. With UCaaS, start-ups can:

  • Create a mobile workforce: Because UCaaS features and functionality are delivered over the cloud and handled by your vendor, there’s plenty of freedom for you to build a fantastic remote working strategy for your team. Users can access the tools they need wherever they are, using any device that they see fit. This means that start-ups can even launch their businesses without investing in a considerable office if they choose to do so
  • Unlock crucial tools: UCaaS platforms come with all the essential tools that your business needs to manage crucial communications. For instance, you can implement IVR and intelligent routing to ensure that calls always reach the right people. On the other hand, you’ll have access to things like voice mail, call recording, and even call analytics, depending on the kind of package you choose. This means start-ups can create an enterprise-level communication stack without the enormous initial investment
  • Video meetings and conferencing: UCaaS ensures that businesses of all sizes don’t have to restrict themselves to just audio conversations. You can just as quickly implement instant messaging, video conferencing, and countless other options into your stack. Video meetings in particular are excellent for companies with international clients, as they ensure you can host intimate face-to-face conferences, without the expensive travel

Many UCaaS solutions are also becoming increasingly extensible. In other words, you can add the extra tools and features that you need through integrations and APIs. The best UCaaS platforms are highly integration-friendly, so businesses can ensure that their business communications work seamlessly alongside their other critical tools and systems.

Using UCaaS to Create a New Way of Working

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of UCaaS for start-ups is the fact that it opens the door to the power of flexible working. Start-ups no longer have to invest in substantial office spaces and real estate to get their businesses up and running. Instead, they can hire freelance and remote employees to work at times and locations that suit them.

Ringover Desktop

Ringover Desktop – click to enlarge

UCaaS gives your team members the freedom to access the tools they need to be efficient and productive in any environment, and on any device. Employees can use these solutions to be as productive on-the-go as they would be if they were working in a standard office environment. What’s more, with UCaaS, team members also have the freedom to communicate with their co-workers; however, they see fit. Your agents don’t have to wait for a colleague to respond to an email. They can send an instant message, initiate a voice call, or even launch a video conversation.

With, voice, messaging, web, and video conferencing at their fingertips, as well as the power to see which colleagues are available through presence features, your team members can collaborate like never before.

The Affordable and Scalable Strategy for Communications

For larger companies working with legacy systems, creating the same amount of flexibility in a communication strategy would be a time-consuming and expensive process. However, UCaaS makes it easier and more cost-effective for organisations to access the state-of-the-art tools they need, for a price they can afford. There’s no need for any excessive capital expenditure, and even operating costs can be reduced by consolidating communications into a single integrated offering.

When start-ups don’t need to pay for and support a host of individual tools to accelerate their communication strategy, their ability to grow at a rapid pace is accelerated. What’s more, the tools available through UCaaS are both affordable and easy to use. With UCaaS, everything your IT department needs is in the same place, from a single combined interface to a single server. This means that managing and enhancing the communication environment is simple.

RingOver, one of the market leaders in communications solutions, is even making it easier and more cost-effective than ever for start-ups to make their way into the UCaaS landscape. With their Start-up Booster offering, start-ups in the UK and Ireland can establish their communication strategies with pricing that’s up to 40% off. Now anyone can discover the advantages of flexible, scalable, and innovative UCaaS for themselves.


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