Westcon-Comstor Delivers Servion CCaaS Solution to their Portfolio

Hosted ServCloud solution added to Westcon-Comstor portfolio

Westcon-Comstor Delivers Servion CCaaS Solution to their Portfolio

Westcon-Comstor, a leading solution provider, recently signed a new agreement to carry the Servion “ServCloud-hosted” Contact-Centre-as-a-Service solution, available through the BlueSky marketplace. The BlueSky marketplace is an exciting new cloud and service management solution that includes analytics, a new marketplace, and various other resources to assist partners in the promotion and growth of their cloud-based businesses.

Westcon Comstor

Powered through Cisco Systems’ Hosted solution for Collaboration, “ServCloud” is predicted to bring scalability, security, and enhanced customer experience to the masses. It’s currently the only enterprise-grade CCaaS that offers end-to-end capabilities for its customers across multi-channel and voice interactions.

The Rise of Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions

Currently, cloud-based contact centre solutions are expected to see a rise of around 23.6% annually, reaching a market value of around $15.67 billion by the end of 2021, and providing solution companies with plenty of room for growth, and a high-demand solution to deliver to their customers.

Servion ServCloudThe delivery of the new Servion ServCloud should allowed Comstor solution providers to provide a new and recurring service for revenue to the high-growth market with their service portfolio, further improving their reputation as an IT advisor and trusted business with their customers. Businesses are now moving further towards new omnichannel communications, by engaging customers in a host of ways, using email, voice, chat, social media, and other solutions. Now is the perfect time for solution providers to start helping their customers manage all the incoming data they receive, and provide a more efficient customer journey.

As a solution for hosted services, ServCloud will allow solution providers to finally make their way into the CCaaS space with minimal ramp-up and investment time.

Improving Sales with Next-Gen Customer Experience

The Westcon-Comstor BlueSky platform with cloud capabilities will help solution providers to begin transforming their business offerings, while delivering a huge variety of public, hybrid, and private cloud solutions, including a range of Cisco-powered and Cisco-branded services that include Servion.

At this stage, the senior vice president for Servion, Ashish Koul, commented that the company fully believes in Comstor’s leadership within the market distribution of contact centre solutions. He noted that ServCloud currently offers an exceptional new opportunity for businesses with the Westcon-Comstor’s already impressive network of channel partners. He commented that Servion will be working closely with Westcon-Comstor to identify and enable solution providers focused on strengthening the experience strategies for customers.

About Servion

Servion is an organisation dedicated to facilitating business transformation for enterprises in the world of customer experience management. The platforms-led integrator focuses on improving customer experience solutions by integrating and automating new customer interaction channels. Servion IP platforms include solutions like ServInsightsSM, ServDesignSM, and ServCareSM.

About Westcon-Comstor

Westcon-Comstor, otherwise known as WestconGroup Inc, is a technology distribution value-added company in the world of security, collaboration, data centres, and networking. The company is currently developing the supply chain for technology through capabilities in Global Deployment and services, as well as cloud enhancement. Westcon-Comstor combines market knowledge and expert technical skills with fantastic solutions for partner enablement.



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[…] that they have in-house and willing to migrate to the Cloud. Their preference for Cloud includes Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) and hosted Contact Center services. This also brings the concern of improving Cloud Contact Center […]

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[…] that they have in-house and willing to migrate to the Cloud. Their preference for Cloud includes Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) and hosted Contact Center services. This also brings the concern of of improving Cloud Contact […]

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