#ConnectCentral18 – Day Two at RingCentral Customer Conference

Strong focus on RingCentral's continuous innovation on day two

#ConnectCentral18 – Day Two at RingCentral Customer Conference

With 7,000 hours of content, 148 gallons of coffee and 1,152 cookies consumed, day one of RingCentral’s customer conference set the bar for day two.

After day one’s focus on employee engagement and customer engagement coming together, day two focused more on innovation and collaboration in the workplace.

Innovation is a Balancing Act

Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation for RingCentral kicked off day two with a keynote on driving innovation in the millennial, always on, modern workplace. Emphasising the importance of the Dimelo acquisition and launch of RingCentral Engage, Kira spoke about how RingCentral’s constant innovation enables day one’s theme of uniting employee engagement and customer engagement.

Balancing customer-delighting interfaces, enterprise grade administration, a single communications app and a rich open platform were noted as the key acts when innovating throughout all products in the RingCentral portfolio.

Jenni Murer, CIO at Gant Travel were invited on stage to praise the innovation that RingCentral has bought to their company. As a remote travel company, the use of Glip, RingCentral Meetings and Pulse has allowed them to grow the business whilst lowering the costs. Gant’s stats boast 30% cost savings while expanding, 95% reduction in agent transfers and 67% reduction in agent overtime.

“Because we are a virtual team, it’s important that we don’t feel virtual”.

Call Message Meet

SVP of Product, Jose Pastor ran an interactive demo where the audience saw a real-time Facebook Messenger transaction into the RingCentral Engage platform. Within the agent console, the agent has access to all mediums that a customer interacts with the business on. So, if your customer has a large number of Twitter followers, you know upsetting them could reach a large audience.

When requiring expert assistance to aid the customer transaction, Jose demoed persistent chat history from the customer being shared with an expert in the given domain. By using the “Ask An Expert” option, Glip enables real-time collaboration to solve the customer problem, without having to keep the customer waiting for an extended period of time.

When the interaction required escalation to video, the RingCentral Engage platform enables seamless connection to a video call via the medium that the customer is in. Providing a URL link into Facebook messenger, the customer simply clicked the link and joined the video call – without needing to download additional software.

QoS Analytics

Jose continued to showcase additional features like QoS analytics before introducing more enhanced AI voice analytics features. QoS analytics features include:

  • CPU usage
  • Wired vs WiFi
  • Device status across your entire network
  • Proactive alerts to let you know when a device has been disconnected (and why)

AI Voice Analytics

Through recently onboarded AI partners, David Lee, VP of Platform Products, demoed smart transcription. Within the playback interface, keywords, sentiments and call or video recordings are included alongside the transcript itself. As you play the call or video, subtitles are provided to provide context to what you are listening and watching.

Searching for keywords now navigates to exact part of the call where keywords are mentioned, saving time waiting for the topic to come up and searching through hours and hours of recordings. This is perfect for dispute resolution and user training. The innovative capabilities of all these products showcased today are real enablers in introducing innovation to clients and a huge leap towards digital transformation (DX).


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