ethosIQ Announce Release of their Business Process Outsourcer Optimizer (BPO Optimizer)

Cloud-based software developer ethosIQ have announced the release of a new product to help business outsourcing efforts

ethosIQ Announce Release of their Business Process Outsourcer Optimizer (BPO Optimizer)

Texas-based software developer ethosIQ already lead the way in software that enables their customers to better understand and improve their CX strategy. Now they have developed and patented a new application to further enhance system analysis to save businesses time and money.

We spoke to Scott Walker, CEO at ethosIQ, about the release of their new Business Process Outsourcer Optimizer to find out why they are so excited about its potential.

“We are only focused on data collection and correlation. I received my first patent in January (for the BPO Optimizer), where we can take this disparate data and disparate schedules from those outsourcers and we can normalise that and that ROI is huge, the savings can be huge.”

ethosIQ’s BPO Optimizer aims to rectify current issues that organisations have when analysing the effectiveness of outsourced agents. Managing the number of hours that agents work and ensuring that those hours take place at the most critical time is crucial to realise the investment leveraged in them. ethosIQ integrate the BPOs within the network architecture used by the vendor, effectively becoming and additional hub within their network. The Web Service API’s of each BPO are contacted in order to collect schedule information from the systems of the BPOs. After the data is collected, this data is stored in ethosIQ’s Oracle databases, where it can then be transformed into the desired WFM File Extension format for reporting purposes.

The solution is targeted at the call centre industry as it will allow companies to measure and manage their BPO’s data. Organisations will be able to more efficiently leverage their data, investments and determine if a BPO is adhering to key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Huge efficiency savings can be leveraged by ensuring that call centre agents time is optimised where possible. Lunch breaks taken during a particularly busy period, general unplanned time away from their desks for bathroom, cigarettes, snacks, phone calls, etc can cost organisations vast amounts over a full 12 month cycle. ethosIQ already have case studies within relevant verticals where the BPO Optimizer has increased employee staff productivity by approximately 5%.

“If you look at an organisation with 1500 agents, costing $15 dollars per hour it’s not uncommon for an organisation to be spending $100million dollars. 80 to 85% of that will be on the agents. So anytime we can optimise that by 1-2%, that has a huge impact”

Compatible with all Workforce management software and completed automated the BPO Optimizer can dramatically improve visibility for organisations and enable trans-formative measures to improve productivity.

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