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Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – Collaboration Critical for the Future with GCI

Adrian Thirkill, CEO of GCI joins Patrick in this episode of Out Loud to discuss their year so far and their plans for the future

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – Collaboration Critical for the Future with GCI

Expert Guest and CEO of GCI, Adrian Thirkill, is joins Patrick in this episode of Out Loud.

Adrian starts by explaining the reason behind their share sale to Mayfair Equity Partners. As well the sale GCI also made a crucial acquisition of Blue Chip which enabled them to expand the portfolio in terms of managed services. This has also resulted in the ability to cross sell various services into different aspects of the business. Adrian takes a holistic view to the success of GCI.

“The reason why we are successful isn’t one big thing, it’s the success of every single individual in what they do.”

GCI have recognised three important trends within the industry as a whole that will be impacting their strategy. The continuing rise in the use cloud platforms is critical to the development of business technology within the UK. Adrian also highlights the integration between unified communication systems and the contact centre as major factor which companies can leverage to improve CX provision.

As well as the two established trends, GCI and Adrian are also exploring the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and examining the impact it might have on technology services and platforms.”It is a big challenge for the channel – the ones that will succeed over the next five years are the ones that integrate AI

GCI are investing resource in developing their AI enhancements, within the contact centre, and realise that they need to be able to demonstrate real use cases for their customers.

Adrian then looks ahead to some of GCI’s focus areas for the next year. They are looking at more unified communications expansion and further development in collaboration solutions with the enhanced popularity of Microsoft Teams. From a business perspective they are really focussed on making sure their existing customer base are receiving the best services possible and will continue to use GCI for years to come.

Collaboration is going to be a critical factor for the future and GCI are going to help their customers in the shifting landscape where collaboration becomes more and more important for businesses.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Adrian Thirkill of GCI.

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