Slack Revenue Rockets

Tom Wright

Acquisition by Salesforce set to complete by the end of July

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Slack revenue rockets

Slack saw sales shoot up 36 percent in its fiscal Q1, as the collaboration firm edges closer to its acquisition by Salesforce.

Revenue for the three-month period ending 30 April climbed to $273.4m, while operating losses narrowed from $76.2m to $55.3m.

Steward Butterfield, Slack CEO, said: “In Q1 we saw a near-record number of paid customer additions, a record number of paid customers adopting Slack Connect, and approached one million active developers on our platform.

“Companies globally are racing toward a digital-first way of working to attract talent and to win”

“Slack is not just embracing this trend, we are enabling it.”

Slack said it added 13,000 net new paid customers in the quarter, as well as 102 net new customers spending more than $100,000 annually.

Meanwhile, Salesforce said it expects the acquisition to close towards the end of its Q2, which finishes at the end of July.

Slack recently claimed that its Connect feature, which lets users collaborate with people in other businesses, has seen “exceptional growth” over recent months.

It also said that UK revenue climbed 31 percent year on year in FY21, while paying customers almost doubled.



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