Otter Introduces Virtual Event Collaboration Service

New virtual event collaboration from

Otter Introduces Virtual Event Collaboration Service

Collaboration SaaS provider, recently announced the launch of a new service: Otter for Events. This collaborative service completely evolves the offline and virtual event experience for audiences and organizers alike. Otter Live Notes AI technology fully captures event conversations, and opens the door for interactive, collaborative transcripts – available in real-time.

The new Otter offering will unlock a wealth of previously untapped value, targeted at any organization hosting an in-person, live, or virtual event. Hosts and organizers will be able to create a hub of shareable, rich content, from every event, including Zoom webinars.

This new service comes at a time when the demand for online events is greater than ever. Experiences in the digital world have spiked by around 1,000% in recent months. Many in-person events have shifted to online-only thanks to COVID-19.

New Experiences for Hosts and Audiences

Using the private and public groups feature of Otter for Events, organizers will be able to share highlighted summaries, or entire speaker transcripts with their audience. This extends the overall longevity and reach of an event. Crucially, this feature also increases audience engagement to include those who can’t attend an event – which is attractive for many event sponsors.

Organizers gain a distinctive technology proposition in this landscape to differentiate events, at a time where they’re more valuable than ever. Audiences without a lot of time to spare won’t have to worry about missing important parts of events. Attendees can engage with the events they’re interested in on their terms, thanks to an ability to comment and highlight in real-time, as well as keyword search or “rewind”. These functions help users to find the information that’s essential to them.

Otter for Events is now included as an Otter for Teams feature, at no extra cost. Additionally, this simple self-service solution requires no in-depth knowledge to set up or use. A premium version of Otter for Events is also available for in-person or enterprise-level virtual events. This white-glove service recently support the Aisling Events, New York New Belfast conference.

A Unique New Event Experience

Otter for Events transforms real-time conversations in virtual events into live transcripts. Features include:

  • Private and public groups: Organizers can create branded one-stop-shop solutions containing recordings or content for their event. This is shareable both during and after an event.
  • Zoom webinars: Otter for Teams users will be able to launch the Live Notes solution directly from Zoom webinar.
  • Live collaboration: Attendees can view live interactive transcripts and raise questions during ongoing virtual events or webinars, boosting engagement.
  • Live transcriptions: Event hosts can transcribe various sessions at once, enabling access to Otter Live notes from other sessions.
  • Embedded’s embedded player means virtual event organizers can share live streams of transcripts as they’re captured in real-time, boosting accessibility.

Founder of Aisling Events, Mairtin O’Muilleoir said that using Otter for Events was a key part of the success of their recent experience, because it gave them a distinctive professional edge. The team could boost engagement with users, improve the reach of sponsors, and have access to plenty of valuable, rich content through the live transcriptions.


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