Slack Outage: Major Disruption For Collaboration Customers

Problems for the popular collaboration tool

Slack Outage: Major Disruption For Collaboration Customers

If you’ve noticed issues with your Slack performance lately, don’t panic – it isn’t something you’ve done. Slack has been behaving strangely for a little while now  – as of Friday morning. The issues that are popping up around the collaboration space are varied. Some people say that their messages aren’t going through, and others say that they can’t edit content.

Links aren’t showing previews like they usually do, and some of the files you might be trying to send to your coworkers won’t necessarily upload. Messages are even showing up twice in a row for no reason. It seems like Slack has suddenly run into a wall somewhere in terms of performance.

If you’re using Slack as your primary communication tool, you’ll probably still be able to send messages, but you might not be able to enjoy the same predictable experience that you usually get.

What’s Going On?

Slack took to Twitter to reassure users that they were investigating the “connectivity issues” causing the problems on Friday. The company claimed that it was working to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible and directed users to its service page, where they could check for instant status updates.

According to the Slack team, the problems are quite wide-ranging, including issues with log-in and single sign-on, issues with notifications and messaging, breakdowns in apps and integrations, and more. Even your calls, search, and workspace administration functions might be struggling right now.

Slack tweeted that it had a “rough day” on Friday and that they were very sorry for the interruption. After all, a lot of people rely on Slack as their main form of collaboration tool within the workplace. Later in the afternoon, Slack also said that you could refresh the Slack app to bring back connectivity, but file uploads weren’t working for most users still.

Is Slack Back Up and Running?

After a rather problematic Friday, Slack seems to be back up and running just in time for the weekend. So if you had any messages that you couldn’t send or needed to upload a file, now’s probably the time to do it.

On the plus side, Slack has promised that the team is working hard to make sure that similar issues don’t happen again in the future.


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