The Top Video Conferencing Providers of 2021

Rebekah Carter

What should you be using for video?

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The Top Video Conferencing Providers of 2021

The demand for video has accelerated at a fantastic pace.  

Only a few years ago, companies were still relying heavily on audio and text for conversations. When the pandemic hit in 2020, however, we learned that we needed a more immersive way to bridge the gap between teams. Simple audio and instant messages weren’t enough to replace face-to-face conversations. The era of video was born.  

Now, as we continue to move forward into the age of hybrid and remote working, every business needs to ensure that it has the right technology in place. For most, this starts with a good video strategy. So, which video conferencing provider do you choose? 

Today, we’re looking at some of the top contenders on the market, focusing specifically on companies that “own” their video tech.  

Avaya Spaces 

Avaya has come a long way in recent years, moving from a legacy communication provider to a company that can compete with some of the top cloud innovators. Since the revolutionary partnership between Avaya and RingCentral, Avaya has introduced Spaces – an innovative solution that combines content sharing and messaging, with video conferencing.  

Avaya’s state-of-the-art solution integrates with various leading tools like Google and Microsoft Office. Plus, you can build fantastic SIP-based room systems with Avaya too. Avaya Spaces works on virtually any device and supports up to 500 people in a meeting at once. There’s even GDPR and HIPAA compliance included. Just some of the features you can expect are: 

  • Meetings for up to 500 participants 
  • Integrations with Microsoft Office, Slack, Salesforce and more 
  • Available for any device  
  • Security and privacy built-in 
  • AI enhancements for better meetings 
  • Powerful content sharing tools 

Google Meet 

Google Meet is just one component of the comprehensive Google Workspace environment today. Designed to give business leaders access to a host of productivity and collaboration tools in one convenient environment, Google Workspace is ideal for digital teams. Google’s solution works with all your Google Drive, Docs, and other productivity systems. There are dedicated apps available so people can join conversations anywhere too.  

Google Meet is also flexible enough to work with a range of business-grade hardware solutions from leaders like Poly, Lifesize, and Pexip. Meet is one of the more affordable and easy-to-use meeting systems on the market today, with video technology that’s a breeze for anyone to access. Features include: 

  • Live captioning during meetings 
  • Compatibility for a range of devices 
  • Content and screen sharing 
  • Easy video and audio previews 
  • High-quality video streaming 
  • Access to smart assistant solutions 
  • Messaging for participants 

Zoom Meetings 

Zoom is easily one of the better-known video conferencing solutions available today. During the 2020 pandemic, Zoom technology enjoyed unprecedented growth, allowing people to work from home without worrying about complex meeting environments. Zoom is an innovator in digital community, encouraging companies to put video first. With Zoom, you can access HD video and audio, experiment with Immersive Spaces, and save meetings to the cloud.  

Zoom also constantly rolls out new and improved features for users, ranging from virtual backgrounds that can reduce the distractions in a home meeting room setting, to noise cancellation. On top of all that, Zoom makes it easy for companies to build the ideal remote working environment, with easy integrations for some of the leading technology around the world. Features include: 

  • Endless integrations and apps 
  • Fantastic easy-to-use interface 
  • Waiting room features 
  • Virtual backgrounds 
  • Noise cancellation 
  • Streaming for video broadcasts 


Another brilliant video conferencing solution delivered by the leaders at LogMeIn. GoToMeeting immediately offers today’s businesses a wide selection of video and audio-conferencing features, alongside screen sharing and messaging. The mobile friendliness of the service is excellent, making it easier for anyone to log into a meeting from their smartphone. There are various settings to improve image and call quality, as well as one-tap invitations and chats.  

Like most video conferencing providers today, GoToMeeting strives to give business leaders all the meeting features they need, from larger enterprise broadcast and webinar options to one-on-one conversations. Meetings are professional and simple, and the pricing is easy to understand too – making it great for smaller companies. Features include: 

  • Seamless and simple meetings from any device 
  • High-quality meetings 
  • Support for up to 3000 participants 
  • Drawing tools and mouse sharing 
  • Cloud-based content sharing 
  • Excellent mobile performance 

RingCentral Video 

Among the leaders in incredible cloud-based communication solutions, RingCentral has a host of features to offer today’s digital business leaders. RingCentral Video is available on its own or as part of the RingCentral Office experience. There’s video calling, recording, screen sharing, and annotation. You get built-in chat functionality, and integrations with tools like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Slack. Users can also link calendars to the RingCentral platform. 

Among a wide selection of powerful features, RingCentral also comes with analytics tools that make it easier to determine how team members are using the service. You can examine performance issues remotely, and pinpoint potential problems, making RingCentral great for maintaining meeting quality. RingCentral is ideal for those who need reliable meetings in the cloud, with features like: 

  • Integrated screen sharing 
  • HD voice and video with 99.999% uptime 
  • No downloads required with WebRTC 
  • Works with any device 
  • Secure and reliable platform 
  • Messaging, video, and phone available together 
  • In-depth analytics 

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft stands out as the creator of perhaps the most popular video conferencing service on the market today. Over the last year, Microsoft’s growth has accelerated dramatically, with Microsoft Teams now boasting over 115 million users. Teams benefits from a convenient and easy-to-use interface that integrates perfectly with the Microsoft 365 environment. You can have all your productivity tools and your communication options in one place.  

Microsoft Teams offers state-of-the-art video meetings with HD performance, advanced integrations with leading tools, and analytics systems. You can connect your video platform to a wide range of leading devices, and there are various advanced features like Together mode, and background noise cancellation too. Features include: 

  • Full integration with Microsoft 365 and other services 
  • Leading video conferencing with virtual backgrounds 
  • Together mode and immersive experiences 
  • Analytics and insights for business leaders 
  • Smooth desktop and app experience 
  • Brilliant security and privacy controls 
  • Wide range of apps and inventions. 

Cisco Webex 

Cisco Webex Meetings is the state-of-the-art video solution from Cisco’s Webex department. Built by one of the market leaders in communication technology, Cisco Webex delivers an incredible experience for today’s teams, empowered by things like HD meeting functionality, screen sharing, private chat rooms and more. You can even unlock innovation with AI and bots in your meeting environment or link your software to a range of hardware tools.  

Cisco Webex Meetings is easy to use for beginners, but it doesn’t compromise on security. There’s plenty of encryption included with every package, so you know you don’t have to worry about someone sneaking into your meetings. Plus, you get the reliability and incredible performance you’d expect from an innovator like Cisco. Features include: 

  • Incredible audio and video performance 
  • Fantastic cloud storage and meeting recordings 
  • Meetings for groups and individuals 
  • Easy-to-use meeting apps 
  • AI innovations and bots available 
  • Various leading integrations to choose from 
  • Support for a range of hardware systems 

Workplace from Facebook 

Designed to provide a convenient environment where all teams can collaborate with ease, Workplace from Facebook offers a familiar environment for conversations. The Workplace system can offer everything from comprehensive virtual meetings for big teams, to one-on-one video chats. The service also comes with access to a range of extra features like guest access, live video broadcasting, screen sharing, and content sharing.  

You can easily access Workplace on any device, including things like Facebook Portal, and auto-generated captions with translations make it easier for everyone to understand each other. On top of that, member permission management is a great bonus for security. Features include: 

  • Live video streaming 
  • Voice and video calls from any device 
  • Workplace chat apps 
  • Productivity features 
  • Video and file storage 
  • Support for a range of hardware options 
  • Member permission management 


A well-known innovator in the world of communication, 8×8 is a pioneer in all-things cloud. It’s little surprise that the company also offers a fantastic video meeting experience. The 8×8 video solution is designed to get today’s businesses working together through video without any issues. There’s a convenient interface where people can manage their video conversations easily, and you can even access a free version of 8×8 too.  

Whether you’re looking for HD video meetings that support your entire team, or you just want one-on-one conversations, 8×8 has you covered. You get a fully secured and encrypted meeting platform as part of the deal, and a range of rich content sharing tools. Features include: 

  • HD video and audio conferencing 
  • Advanced controls for team management 
  • Content sharing 
  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Conference call-in call-out features 
  • Cloud recordings 
  • Calendar integrations 

AWS Chime 

Last, but not least, Amazon Chime, or AWS Chime is the fantastic video meeting solution built on the AWS cloud environment. Intended to give companies an easier way to meet and chat in a single platform, Chime is all about speed and reliability. You can also link your conferencing solution to the PBX system you’re already using with Chime.  

As a system offered by Amazon, Chime provides users with a reliable way to stay in touch with colleagues on the web. You can use your browser to access the service, or your smartphone, and there’s support for Amazon Alexa too. You even get a range of meeting recording options. Features include: 

  • Quick and simple meeting scheduling 
  • Dial in and call me functionality 
  • Voice connector system 
  • Chime SDK access 
  • Voice assistant with Amazon Alexa 
  • Integration with various hardware options 


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