Businesses Without People?

Can a business run entirely on technology with little or no requirement for humans? Watch our exclusive interview with Cloud Comms Summit keynote speaker John Straw

John Straw at the Cloud Comms Summit in London, explains that although there is lots of discussion about the use of emerging technologies in isolation, are people thinking about what might be possible when they converge? John explains that once these technologies work in conjunction with each other there might not be any need for humans within a business environment at all.

Patrick asks John how far away we potentially are from such radical developments and John explains to Patrick that such advances may be much closer than you think, and in some cases are already possible. John also feels that although there is reluctance in some quarters for more technological advances and assimilation we have passed the point where we can potentially turn back and over the next few years we are likely to see some radical disruption.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson.

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