How Became the Trump Card for the Telia ACE Contact Center Platform

With the rich functionality of’s APIs, Telia, the leading CCaaS provider in the Nordic and Baltic market, can offer high quality call recording and sophisticated IVR functions

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How Became the Trump Card for the Telia ACE Contact Center Platform
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Published: April 4, 2023

Simon Meredith

Simon Meredith

Technology Journalist

When you’re the market leader, customers expect the very best from you. That’s why when Telia introduced its ACE CCaaS platform, it needed to deliver the highest levels of functionality, performance, and reliability.

Sweden’s top telco and a foremost player in the ICT market across the Nordics and Baltic regions is a trusted CCaaS brand and was named as one of the most innovative providers in its field in the Frost Radar™ European Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Market 2021 report.

But the needs of customers are constantly changing, and no organisation can live on reputation alone. Telia is constantly investing in and developing its solutions and services. In 2019, Telia entered into a partnership with and made use of the latter’s cloud-native communications platform to add a modern, robust, and fully integrated call recording functionality into the ACE platform.

Hans Nahringbauer, Product Manager and Strategy Officer for Telia ACE, explains why it chose “We needed to provide SIP call recording in a scalable and cost-effective way. We needed redundancy, stability and security. We felt really confident about their skills and their knowledge of telephony and in particular, SIP signalling and RTP media.”

A Big Success

The cloud-based call recording has been a great success with Telia ACE’s customers. But of course, there is always more to be done and in 2021, to address the growing need for its customers to manage higher call volumes, Telia started working with to develop a modern and cloud-based IVR for ACE.

The media services API had all the IVR capabilities that Telia was looking for, including text-to-speech integration. The two companies worked together closely to ensure the solution was exactly what Telia required. As a result, Telia ACE now has a comprehensive voice bot  and IVR capability that can be run on a public cloud service or in Telia’s own data centres. Either way, the customer has access to flexible, dynamic, and dependable IVR.

Working with has been a first class experience, said Nahringbauer. “We are really satisfied with the partnership. We need the communications platform to be solid and safe, and to deliver consistent high performance – that’s exactly what we get with”

Many large organisations depend on Telia ACE to run mission critical call centres, so the importance of these fundamental qualities can’t be overstated.

Depth of Functionality

Another important consideration, Nahringbauer added, was the depth of detailed functionality that the APIs provide. Telia has been able to add the exact functionality it wanted to ACE and develop even more sophisticated capabilities for the platform.

“The APIs are so feature-rich, we could build everything we wanted – I don’t think we could have found that depth of capability elsewhere. We are addressing high-end customers with large [call] volumes and quite advanced demands. They expect the CCaaS to be feature-rich, and we can provide that.”

Adding Call Monitoring and Agent Assistance

Telia has also added call monitoring technology to ACE and is integrating this with’s media services API to power its virtual agent, taking the customer experience to an ever higher level. By using the virtual agent and IVR to direct callers more swiftly and accurately to the most suitable agent or team, Telia ACE customers can monitor calls in real time and provide appropriate information or assistance to agents as the call proceeds.

“The result is really good”, said Nahringbauer. “Frankly, there are not many companies with this kind of close integration capability. We approached it with as a joint project and together we have achieved a great result. We have a really modern, technically capable platform that provides faster scalability and more agility.”

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