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Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – Enhanced Data Analytics to Come from Spearline

Today we are joined by Spearline, we look at their future plans and back at the last year

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – Enhanced Data Analytics to Come from Spearline

Patrick was joined by special guest Matt Lawlor who is the Chief Technical Officer, at Spearline.

Matt starts by telling Patrick about the Spearline summit which takes place every year and gathers the whole Spearline family together to discuss their vision and look ahead to the future.

Spearline were also winners of the ‘Innovation of the Year’ category at the Software Industry Awards which is an extremely competitive category.

“To win that was huge for us – something we have always prided ourselves on is innovation.”

As part of their innovation they have released a full API for their customers. Which allows them to integrate all of the Spearline testing features within their internal tools.

Spearline offer a huge array of testing types, all designed to replicate customer experience so these capabilities are vitally important for partners. Matt takes Patrick through a few of the most recent examples that they have added to their portfolio in terms of different tests.

Patrick then asks Matt about future development and Matt explains that it is all centred around customer knowledge. Customer experience has been one of the main trends for Spearline’s partners. “We always stay very close to our customers. So if we understand our customer we understand what product they’ll need and what they will want.”

Matt also explains that Spearline will also be focusing more on their use of data to further help their customers with advanced analytics. This will involve further use of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Matt Lawlor of Spearline.

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