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Analysing Cisco’s Cognitive Collaboration

Watch as expert guest Jonathan George and Presenter, Patrick, discuss Cisco collaboration updates

Analysing Cisco’s Cognitive Collaboration

Patrick and expert Cisco guest Jonathan George from MeetingZone discuss Cisco’s concept of cognitive collaboration in this talking heads video.

Firstly the guys take a look to see whether there has been any major Cisco collaboration news since last year, there hasn’t. However there has been a lot more coming from Cisco about their latest collaboration philosophies so Jonathan takes Patrick through those and explains some of the main concepts. Cognitive collaboration is going to be Cisco’s main focus so the guys discuss exactly what that will constitute.

There has been some development within the Webex Teams platform as now you are able to integrate the solution with Microsoft’s OneDrive to collaborate on files that may be stored in that platform. This potentially signals a shift from Cisco to offer further interoperability with other platforms.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Jonathan George form MeetingZone.

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