And Now for Some Good News

Guest Blog by Eamon McGann, Client Solutions Director, Core

And Now for Some Good News

It’s official. Microsoft’s security offering has been identified as among the best available, following independent evaluation of the 12 most significant enterprise detection and response products on the market. This is exactly the reassurance organisations need at a time when many will be worrying whether their protection is sufficient to meet the challenge of widespread remote working.

Eamon McGann

Eamon McGann

The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Detection and Response, Q1 2020 survey positions Microsoft as a Leader for its endpoint detection and response capabilities, awarding its current offering the highest score among Leaders. Microsoft also achieved the highest score of all participants for the extended capabilities it provides. Furthermore, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection received the highest score possible (5/5) across six areas including endpoint telemetry, security analytics, threat hunting, and response capabilities, as well as in performance and planned enhancements.

This demonstrates that effective security is integral to the entire Microsoft offering. Operating on a zero-trust basis, Microsoft’s extended detection response doesn’t just cover the various product domains, it covers the gaps between them and provides intelligence and incident management so operators can analyse what’s important and not get lost in the noise.

Changing nature of the threats requires joined up response

There’s no question that threats have changed over recent years. From being single domain or hacking at the level of the individual, now threats are entering by one route, morphing and crossing into another domain.

We have seen situations where a multi-domain threat has come into an organisation through phishing which subsequently attacks an individual’s email stealing the person’s identity and creating an auto-forward based on particular rules. Such a scenario seriously compromises the organisation, creating financial pain in addition to extended downtime. It is exactly the sort of issue that Microsoft Threat Protection can fix before it even happens.

Multi-domain threats require these new approaches. In the past, security was seen to be best managed by using multiple tools for different domains. Today, such an approach is not only complicated and labour intensive, there is a strong likelihood that issues will fall through the gaps. That’s the strength of Microsoft Threat Protection. Security is built in for each product domain – endpoint devices (laptops, phones etc), email, identity and apps – and domains are integrated across the platform.

Systems don’t just find threats, they remediate them too

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, our research had identified security as the number one worry for IT teams and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Now, with more people working on their own devices at home, those concerns will have gone through the roof. And rightly so. Without the right protection in place, the change in working practices brought on by COVID-19 exposes companies to significant additional threats.

So, what is it about Microsoft’s capabilities that allow those in charge to sleep better? It’s actually not just the endpoint cover and cool technology. It’s the intelligence. Built-in orchestration and AI enable security centres to get ahead of the threat because systems identify patterns between multiple events happening across different individuals, devices and server services. They can link them into a single incident and send out an alert.

And there’s more. Defender doesn’t just find threats, it remediates them. This means that even if a threat has been let through initially, if Defender subsequently identified the threat it will retrospectively remediate the issue.

Leaner more productive teams and rapid implementation

Ultimately, many CISO’s are less interested in the how, they just want to know they are effectively covered. This is where managed service providers like Core can help. Microsoft tooling is great, but to really be aware of where the threats are, organisations need to be actively carrying out security assessments.

We have invested in these areas over a considerable number of years which has put Core ahead of the technology and ahead in terms of how to deploy it to create the efficiencies these products can offer. Apart from anything else, it means, we can get organisations up and running with a predefined set of policies straight away. It gives peace of mind from week one and is then developed and customised through our proactive security analytics and operations approach which involves continuous monitoring, analysis, reporting and threat hunting, together with intelligence drawn from our overview across all customers.

In last year’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey (opens pdf) around a third of businesses reported suffering cyber security breaches or attacks in the previous 12 months. Among medium and large businesses, that figure rose to around 60%. In this environment of heightened threat levels, it’s clear that good news on security solutions will be very welcome to many organisations.


Guest Blog by Eamon McGann, Client Solutions Director, Core
At Core, we are dedicated to helping business transform through implementing the right technology solutions. To our customers, we are a trusted partner working closely to design and develop Microsoft solutions to positively impact their organisation.


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